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On my network, we have one server that basically does everything. It is a Win2003 SBS server that is our Domain Controller, Exchange 2003 (Stand. Ed.) server, File and Print Server, etc...  We finally have the money to buy some more servers to disperse some of the roles that this server holds. I plan on building a second domain controller and transferring one of the FSMO roles (Infrastructure Master) to this.

 We will be purchasing a server which will act as the new Exchange 2003 server (as well as file server). What steps are involved to move all of the mailboxes to this new server? Once we migrate to this new server, we will be removing Exchange from the server it is on now. We do not really want to do a Front End/Backend setup either. I assume I will need to Exmerge. Please guide me through the steps that need to be taken.

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You can create a second domain controller with a SBS server being the master, but the most that second machine can do is be a global catalog. It cannot take on any of the FSMO roles. As such, with an SBS domain you don't really gain very much having two domain controllers.

Replication of public and system folders is covered on this site many times a week. Take a look at my migration article to start with.
And yes, I did mean leave Exchange on the SBS server. It will not do any harm and if there is no data on the server then you aren't loosing anything. It will make user creation easier as well.

Please do step by step for moving exchange 2003:

How to move Exchange 2003 to new hardware and keep the same server name


You can't move the FSMO roles if there is an SBS server involved. You would have to purchase the transition pack, then turn the SBS server in to a standard server. Only then can you move the FSMO roles.

For Exchange, a dedicated machine that is NOT a domain controller is the best option.
Migrating to the new server is very easy and does NOT require exmerge. Simply build the server as normal, then add it to your domain. Install Exchange 2003 and it will join the existing Exchange org. Configure replication of public and system folders. Finally move the mailboxes using the move mailbox wizard.
As this is SBS I would probably suggest leaving Exchange on the original machine - even though ti doesn't have any active data.

TrihimbulusAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sembee. So since this is SBS, is it possible for me to create a Secondary DC with 2003 Standard?  Ideally, I want atleast two DC's as well. How to I configure replication of the public and systems folders? Also, do you mean leave Exchange on the original machine even after I have migrated to the new stand-alone server?
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