How to uppercase a text box in a report

Access 2003 question.

I have an access report (rptOrder)  that gets data from a query, (qryInvoice)

There are dozen text boxes with control sources set such as


The report displays them fine.  But now I want them to appear upper case for this
report.  I do not want to change the data in the tables permenately.
However setting control sources with below efforts using function UCASE do not work, as data do not resolve.


I must not be using the proper way to point/bind the data.  

What is the proper way to do this.

Sample database is here;
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jefftwilleyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can set the Format option for the text boxes on your report. Use this character ">".
Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
(Wild guess)  Try UCase() without the $.
do the UCASE$ in the query

select UCASE$(CompanyName) AS CName

then reference CName in the report

try it that way
luxlinkAuthor Commented:
re; jimhorn;     without the $ has no effect.
re; rockiroads;   yes that will work for a single field, but becuase there are so many fields to do, there is no more room in the left in the query (eg all the columns are full).

luxlinkAuthor Commented:
Re; Jefftwilley;   It works!    Even the microsotft help on text box->properties->format (format property) does not show ">" symbol. Excellent find.
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