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Error in my ExMerge.log!

I am testing moving PST files over to my newer installed and configured Exchange 2003 server. I am using the ExMerge tool to help with this. What I did was export my Outlook to a PST file with all my contracts and calendar and folder items. Then I opened ExMerge and chose Step 2 then Step 2, again (because I have created the PST file already). And when i run it, it errors out. Here is the log file:

Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Merge Program, v6.5.7529.0
Start Logging:June 08, 2006   10:25:58
[10:25:58] Logging Level: None
[10:25:58] Reading settings from file 'C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin\EXMERGE.INI'.
[10:26:00] Error 8007203a opening an LDAP connection. ('LDAP://AFO-GROUP/rootDSE')  (CADRoutines::GetNamingContextData)
[10:26:00] Accessing Domain Controller 'AFO-PDC'
[10:26:00] 'AFO-GROUP' is running Exchange Server 2000 or later
[10:26:00] Destination server read from settings file is 'AFO-GROUP'.
[10:26:00] Reading list of subjects for messages to be selected from file ''
[10:26:00] Reading list of attachment names for messages to be selected from file ''
[10:26:00] List of folders to be ignored has been read. 0 folders in the list.
[10:26:00] Current machine locale ID is 0x409
[10:26:00] Operating System Version 5.2 (Build 3790)
[10:26:04] Error 8007203a opening an LDAP connection. ('LDAP://AFO-GROUP/rootDSE')  (CADRoutines::GetNamingContextData)
[10:26:04] Accessing Domain Controller 'AFO-PDC'
[10:26:04] 'AFO-GROUP' is running Exchange Server 2000 or later
[10:26:04] Mailbox '/o=AFO Mail/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=AFO-GROUP/cn=Microsoft System Attendant' will be ignored as its DN contains strings in the ignore list
[10:26:04] Mailbox '/o=AFO Mail/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Configuration/cn=Connections/cn=SMTP (AFO-GROUP)/cn={0CFD8B9F-8A10-42F2-B8F9-B1B7472379F1}' will be ignored as its DN contains strings in the ignore list
[10:26:04] Mailbox '/o=AFO Mail/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=SystemMailbox{0CFD8B9F-8A10-42F2-B8F9-B1B7472379F1}' will be ignored as its DN contains strings in the ignore list
[10:26:04] Found 3 mailbox(es) homed on database 'FIRST STORAGE GROUP/MAILBOX STORE (AFO-GROUP)'.
[10:26:04] Ignored 3 mailbox(es) homed on database 'FIRST STORAGE GROUP/MAILBOX STORE (AFO-GROUP)'.
[10:26:04] Found 3 mailbox(es) homed on the specified databases.
[10:26:04] Ignored 3 mailbox(es) homed on the specified databases.
[10:26:12] Using attribute 'PR_MESSAGE_DELIVERY_TIME' for date operations.
[10:26:12] Merging data into target store. The program will copy only those messages that do not exist in the target store.
[10:26:12] Associated folder data will NOT be copied to the target store.
[10:26:12] Using 'English (US)' (0x409) as the default locale (Code page 1252)
[10:26:12] All mailboxes will be processed, regardless of locale
[10:26:12] Using default locale for all mailboxes
[10:26:12] Initializing worker thread (Thread0)
[10:26:12] Merging data from file 'C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\ADMINISTRATOR.AFO\DESKTOP\PST\EALBRIGO.PST' to mailbox 'Edward Albrigo' ('EALBRIGO') on server 'AFO-GROUP'.
[10:26:12] Error configuring message service (MSPST MS) (MAPI_E_EXTENDED_ERROR)  (CMapiSession::CreateEMSPSTProfile)
[10:26:12] Errors encountered. Copy process aborted for mailbox 'Edward Albrigo' ('EALBRIGO').
[10:26:12] Number of items copied from the source store for all mailboxes processed: 0
[10:26:12] Total number of folders processed in the source store: 0
[10:26:12] 0 mailboxes successfully processed. 1 mailboxes were not successfully processed. 0 non-fatal errors encountered.
[10:26:12] Process completion time: 00:00:00

Can someone please help!


1 Solution
Check the properties of the PST file. Make sure that READ ONLY is not checked.

Also does you account have full access to the mailbox store that you are emerging into?
afoeditAuthor Commented:
READ ONLY is not selected in the properties.

The account I am using is Administrator. I am literally walking over to the server and running ExMerge from the Administrator account.  Also, Admin on AD has Exchange Enterprise and Domain servers as a member. But, I am not sure what you mean by full access to the mailbox store.

Could you explain?

Thank you.

Use the adsiedit utility to verify the correct settings for the mailbox object . the administrative account should have the send as and recieve as permissions
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Administrator will not work with EXMERGE. By default administrator is denyed send/receive as permissions to mailboxes. It is to keep admins from easily reading everyone's emails. And to cover your ass in case anyone is doing something their not supposed to they can't point the finger at you.

see this
afoeditAuthor Commented:
ok, i have created a security group called exchange full access and i added my user account to the group. currently my user account is a memeber of domain users and that is it. (is that right?)

next, under system manager i added the new security under the delegate control, under the first admin group

then, under mail store, under, properties, under security tab i added the security group and allowed everyone under the permission.

is that everything?

next question, i have the server on and running. i logged into the machine as administrator and have the server locked. how do i get on to the server to run exmerge now? do i remote into it using my user account? i tried and i do not have permission to remote into the machine with my user name.


afoeditAuthor Commented:
ok.. i added myself for remote accces (duh). i ran the exmerge and got to the poitn where it was trying to connect to the database to show the mailboxes and it error out!

can anyone provide step-by-step help to run this exmerge program
I think you have to be a local admin on the exchange server (not domain admin). And yes, either from the consol or with remote desktop, log into the server and run exmerge. Make sure the PST file is in a location you can access from the server with your user account.

I created a user that is only used for exmerge and nothing else instead of using my personal account, but the way you did it should be fine.

Also, once you get it working, it's easier to use exmerge to export PSTs from the server instead of from outlook. You can do many users at once.
Once you have the permissions set, running the program is pretty straight forward.

Look in the log file and see what error you're getting now.
afoeditAuthor Commented:
yea.. the permissions are driving me f**king crazy!

an error was encountered with one or more users when retrieving the list of mailboxes homed in the selected datadases on the server 'AFO-GROUP'. Please refer to the log file, 'Log file not initialized', for more information.

Error encountered getting mailbox information from the private information store database(s) on server 'AFO-GROUP'. Make sure you have adequate permissions on the Information Store object. Please refer to the 'Log file initiated' log file for more information.

and it does not write an error to the error log.

i am assuming that the new user that i created (mailman, which i assigned to the exchange full access security group i created) does not have permission to connect to the database. i don't know.

i'm about ready to throw the server out the window.

does anyone know why i cannot run this program and most importantly, can someone help me fix this.

thank you

Matt KendallTech / Business owner operatorCommented:
Just as a side note to this, the only time I was able to get this working was when I temporarily enabled "Everyone" to full access to the mailbox.. even though I was logged in as Administrator and I gave the Administrator user full access.

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