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Hi All

I hope someone can answer this question, a clent is running an Exchange 2000 cluster and a single user was having issues logging into OWA (access denied) an admin onsite figured the problem was related permissions on the folder (M:\<domain>\MBX\<user>), to make a long story short they deleted the folder thinking it would be recreated when the user logged in again. Well, that didn't happen and now the user has lost all their mail.

My question is besides doing a complete restore of their mailbox from a backup is there anyway to get their mail back? Unfortunately I know very little about Exchange 2000 and don't really understand the use of the M: drive but I would like to assume the user's data is still in the database and its just a matter of recreating that virual folder??

thanx in advance
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After deleting the mailbox there is almost no way we can recover it.

Get in to the mailbox store and run the cleanup agent, if you find that mailbox with a red cross then youcan reconnect it to a user and get the emails back, if you do not have it there then i should say there is no way but to restore the mailbox on a recovery server and extract the emails.

I would fire the onsite admin.
;) Poor Exchange Admin...

Hey not offence... that was not for you EXCHANGE_ADMIN.

burtco013Author Commented:
lol...I'd love to fire the person but....

anyways thanxs for the info, I figured that would be the case
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