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Hi All,   need help quick.

First I have a Date Range Parameter in my crystal report.   I use this parameter to determine if the Hours fall with in the date range.      Now I need to add a column that is Previous month.   Since this field is not actually a DATE field I can not use it in the DATEADD function.   So I stripped the field to a text field to give me the StartDate in a field Called StartDate.   This is a Formula field and Not defined as a DATE field.   So I can not use the StartDate in the DATEADD function to get the previous month.

So basically what I need is the the Previous month Range based on the parameter entered for the Date Range.   The parameter entered is always a single month.

this is urgent please help
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You will need to open up your selection criteria to allow that data to be returned:

{} in dateadd("m",-1,minimum({?Date Range})-day(minimum({?Date Range}))+1) to maximum({?Date Range})

This calculates back to the first day of the month prior to the start parameter date through to the end parameter date.
if it is always just one month the follow should work
your startdate formula:

date(cstr(minimum({?Parameter Daterange})))

Then another formula you are going to find the start of the new month and year
if month({@startdate}) = 1
    then date(year({@startdate})-1,12,1)
    else date(year({@startdate}),month({@startdate}),1)

I would then compare month and year of this formula to your record selection.
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