illustrator gradient problem. weird!

I've been using illustrator and photoshop for a long time (im on mac). I've just run into a problem that has me stumped. I have a logo that i created in illustrator.. theres a box in the background with a gradient on it. I save the file, but when I reopen it the gradient is now set to the rainbow preset.. I'll redo the gradient and save it, but same thing. I also saved the file as a pdf, preserving illustrator editing capabilites. If I open the pdf with acrobat its fine.. if i open the pdf with illustrator it turns to the rainbow again! im tired of getting the gradient the way I like and then having it go right back..  any thoughts??  thanks!!
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Have you upgraded illustrator since the logo was created, or worked on it from a different computer?

twistercomputerAuthor Commented:
I created it on my desktop machine, saved it, and opened it again like 5 minutes later.. so there shouldnt have been any problems related to transferring the file or it otherwise getting corrupted. This problem also exists on my laptop as well, I copied to file to it and it does the exact same thing. I'm going to try to have one of my friends open it on a windows machine and see if the same thing happens. I'm going to try to experiment some more tonight, maybe just copy all the elements into a new document and resave it or something.
twistercomputerAuthor Commented:
okay.. so i think i found the problem. for some reason in the gradient panel where it says the type ( radial or linear )  the box was blank. when i clicked it, the menu popped up and it showed a check next to linear, but it wasnt showing up in the box. when i clicked linear again, it then showed up in the box, i resaved it, then it opened back up fine. i guess it was just some weird bug that put the gradient into the wrong state.
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