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CISCO 3550 - Port Error Disabled

We have a CISCO 3550 with several ports that have a status of "Port is error disabled".  Is there a way I can clear the error to make the ports usable again without restarting the switch?

I guess the second part of the question might be what could cause the port to go into such a state and is there perhaps a way to get them to auto reset after a brief time?
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To reenable them just do a shut and no shut. You can configure it to come back automatically on some system, I have to check on that one. But that will only happen if the source of the problem is cleared.

Regarding how they got that way, there can be many reasons. Here are 3:
1. Too many errors received on the port
2. If portfast is enabled and something is connected that generates BPDUs, BPDU guard will do it.
3. If they were put in a port channel and there were problems with that

Make sure you have logging enabled. If you reenable the port and it error-disables again, a log entry may tell you the cause.
Here's something from a page on cisco's site about automatic recovery for the 3550:
When the source of the problem is fixed, the ports do not automatically become enabled again. Once the source of the problem is fixed, the ports are still disabled (and the port LEDs are still orange); the ports must be reenabled before they become active.

To reenable the interface manually, issue the shutdown and no shutdown    interface commands. You can also issue the errdisable recovery cause enable command to set up timeout mechanisms that automatically reenable the port after a configured time period.

Issue the errdisable recovery cause bpduguard and errdisable recovery interval sec commands to reenable the port automatically.
Auto reenabling is not advisable till you have fixed the root cause. Enable logging as mike suggested, but increase the log buffer by using the "logging buffered xxx" where xxx is the amount of nvram you want to use for logging. You can go upto 16384 on most platforms.

Hope this helps

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