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cable management

my cable is mess...

do you know how to organize these cable?

Hiroyuki Tamura
Hiroyuki Tamura
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Looks like you can tie some of those with Cable Ties. They are pretty cheap.

Typically, on a free-form telecommunications cross connect field like you have, people use "D Rings" which are mounted in a line and curved.  Then you can put them where you need them and run your cross connects or patch cables through them. http://www.newtechindustries.com/newtech/images/accessories/Dring2m.jpg

Alternatively, you can get cable ties or "zip ties" and special fasteners with loops for the zip tie and a hole for a screw.  You screw the fastener to the wall, then put the zip tie through them and then your cable bundle in the zip.  When you close the zip and cinch it, the whole bundle is tied to the wall.

Recently, the industry trend has been to move away zip ties towards velcro straps - which can open and accomodate MAC (Move Add Change).

Some suppliers of telecommunication products would love to help you - and start getting your business.
all it takes is a bag of zip ties from home depot and an hour or two.
If this is a permanent installation, zip ties work perfect.  Velcro does too, and may work better if you have the need to occasionally add/remove/trace cables.  Take some time to untangle them... you may need to unplug and replug some cables.  Then all you have left is to plan where/which direction they're going to go and to tie them all up nicely.

Other optional accessories are optional... metal cages with doors, flexible/slit cable piping, etc.  Since you have a small setup, you don't need any additional cable management shelving/tools/racks/cages/etc and would save you money too.  Just untangle, route, and tie them up nicely.  You can figure to have 1 velcro strap/ziptie every foot or so.  Where cable branch off, you may want more... use your own judgement.  Give yourself lots of time, and be careful you don't snag some cable or unpatch something.
Hiroyuki TamuraField EngineerAuthor Commented:
thank you, all:)
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