Detailed process to integrate MS SBS Premium and MS SQL 2005 requested.

How do I integrate Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Premium Edition and Microsoft SQL 2005 Standard Edition?

Please provide reference sources to step by step procedures.

I'm new at this. Today will be my 1st SBS install for my SB.

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When you buy SBS 2003, you get SQL 2000 with the server software.  This is automatically part of your purchase...  However, if you want to use SQL 2005 instead, then I would suggest placing this on a seperate server.
rljack01Author Commented:
I want to be able to access the SQL 2k5 DB remotely.
Then, how would one tie SQL 2k5 to SBS 2k3 Premium.

SBS 2003 r2 Premium was released by MS on June 5th I learned from an MS  rep. (I don't think that it will available in the channel until sometime in July) It has SQL 2k5 Workgroup Edition integrated with it.  Perhaps I should look into the upgrade path -- cost or free?????
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Not sure about the upgrade path...  

Do you have another server?  You can buy SQL 2005 and install it on this server.  Access remotely could be obtained by remote Desktop to the server directly (port 3389 has to open through your firewall).  Or you can open firewall ports up through your firewall to access the database directly.
rljack01Author Commented:
SBS 2k3 Premium to SBS 2k3 r2 Premium upgrade Path:
very good link rljack01...  Yes, I believe that this is your most straight forward option for getting SQL 2005 in your environment.  (more info about the feature of SBS R2)
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