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dear all,
I want my CSS apply only to all web site except one table.
The tabe has it's own style ( not css) like :
<A id="aw7" href="#" target="nw" style="color: #00c; font-family: arial,sans-serif"><FONT size="0">Beauty Skin Care Tips</FONT>

actually this table content came from gogle adv.
I don't want to make ifram or anything else ( consider as work arround).

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You can tell CSS to apply certain styles to certain sections of your website.
You can NOT tell CSS to apply certain styles to certain sections, EXCLUDING specific sections of your website.

Kind regards,

Hi ethar1,

The concept here is about inline style.

All you got to do is - remove " style="color: #00c; font-family: arial,sans-serif" " from the <a> tag and put them in the table tag where u don;t want to apply the external style sheet.

Let me know if its not clear.

ethar1Author Commented:
jagadeesh_motamarri ,
as I mention earlier, the contents come from gogle = I can't modify it.
you need to use an <iframe>.  that's the only solution.
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