Changing Taskbar icon in realtime

Posted on 2006-06-08
Last Modified: 2010-04-07
Im trying to find a way to change the icon in realtime i have the icons in a imagelist. I tried changing NIM_ADD to NIM_MODIFY thinking that might be it but it didnt work...

Private Sub LoadSysTrayIcon()
       With nid
        .cbSize = Len(nid)
        .hWnd = Me.hWnd
        .uId = vbNull
        .uFlags = NIF_ICON Or NIF_TIP Or NIF_MESSAGE
        .uCallBackMessage = WM_MOUSEMOVE
        .hIcon = Me.Icon
        .szTip = AppName & "  " & "Version: " & AppVer
       End With
       Shell_NotifyIcon NIM_ADD, nid
End Sub

'===========================MODULE CODE
      Public Type NOTIFYICONDATA
       cbSize As Long
       hWnd As Long
       uId As Long
       uFlags As Long
       uCallBackMessage As Long
       hIcon As Long
       szTip As String * 64
      End Type

      'constants required by Shell_NotifyIcon API call:
      Public Const NIM_ADD = &H0
      Public Const NIM_MODIFY = &H1
      Public Const NIM_DELETE = &H2
      Public Const NIF_MESSAGE = &H1
      Public Const NIF_ICON = &H2
      Public Const NIF_TIP = &H4
      Public Const WM_MOUSEMOVE = &H200
      Public Const WM_LBUTTONDOWN = &H201     'Button down
      Public Const WM_LBUTTONUP = &H202       'Button up
      Public Const WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK = &H203   'Double-click
      Public Const WM_RBUTTONDOWN = &H204     'Button down
      Public Const WM_RBUTTONUP = &H205       'Button up
      Public Const WM_RBUTTONDBLCLK = &H206   'Double-click

      Public Declare Function SetForegroundWindow Lib "user32" _
      (ByVal hWnd As Long) As Long
      Public Declare Function Shell_NotifyIcon Lib "shell32" _
      Alias "Shell_NotifyIconA" _
      (ByVal dwMessage As Long, pnid As NOTIFYICONDATA) As Boolean

      Public nid As NOTIFYICONDATA
Question by:thaburner
    LVL 85

    Accepted Solution

    That's correct.

    Here is an example that toggles the Icon in the tray between the first and second images in the ImageList:

    Option Explicit

    Private Declare Sub Shell_NotifyIcon Lib "shell32.dll" Alias "Shell_NotifyIconA" (ByVal dwMessage As Long, lpData As NOTIFYICONDATA)

        cbSize As Long
        hWnd As Long
        uID As Long
        uFlags As Long
        uCallbackMessage As Long
        hIcon As Long
        szTip As String * 64
    End Type

    Private Const NIM_ADD = &H0
    Private Const NIM_MODIFY = &H1
    Private Const NIM_DELETE = &H2
    Private Const NIF_MESSAGE = &H1
    Private Const NIF_ICON = &H2
    Private Const NIF_TIP = &H4
    Private Const WM_MOUSEMOVE = &H200
    Private Const WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK = &H203
    Private Const WM_LBUTTONDOWN = &H201
    Private Const WM_RBUTTONDOWN = &H204

    Private tic As NOTIFYICONDATA
    Private inTray As Boolean
    Private toggle As Boolean

    Private Sub Form_Load()
        Timer1.Enabled = False
        Timer1.Interval = 1000
        Picture1.Visible = False
        Picture2.Visible = False
        inTray = False
        Me.WindowState = vbMinimized
    End Sub

    Private Sub Form_Resize()
        If Me.WindowState = vbMinimized Then
        End If
    End Sub

    Private Sub dropToTray()
        tic.cbSize = Len(tic)
        tic.hWnd = Picture1.hWnd ' Callback Control
        tic.uID = 1&
        tic.uFlags = NIF_DOALL
        tic.uCallbackMessage = WM_MOUSEMOVE
        tic.hIcon = ImageList1.ListImages(1).Picture
        tic.szTip = "My Application" & Chr$(0)
        Me.Visible = False
        Shell_NotifyIcon NIM_ADD, tic
        inTray = True
        Timer1.Enabled = True
    End Sub

    Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
        If inTray Then
            toggle = Not toggle
            If toggle Then
                tic.hIcon = ImageList1.ListImages(1).Picture
                tic.hIcon = ImageList1.ListImages(2).Picture
            End If
            Shell_NotifyIcon NIM_MODIFY, tic
        End If
    End Sub

    Private Sub Picture1_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
        X = X / Screen.TwipsPerPixelX
        Select Case X
            Case WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK
                Timer1.Enabled = False
                inTray = False
                Shell_NotifyIcon NIM_DELETE, tic
                Me.WindowState = vbNormal
                Me.Visible = True
        End Select
    End Sub

    Private Sub Form_QueryUnload(Cancel As Integer, UnloadMode As Integer)
        Select Case UnloadMode
            Case vbAppTaskManager, vbAppWindows
                If inTray Then
                    Shell_NotifyIcon NIM_DELETE, tic
                End If

            Case Else
                Cancel = True
                If Me.Visible = True Then
                End If
        End Select
    End Sub

    Author Comment

    that did the trick thanks again Idle

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