Secure Gateway - Citrix Drive Mappings - Not working on all clients

We have implemented a Citrix secure gateway with local drive mapppings enabled for all users.

One of my users is logging into the site from his own personal laptop (win XP) and when he opens an application he doesn't see his client drives.

It isn't a user problem because if I log in as the user on my own laptop or on my home PC the local drives are mapped.

Would there be anything on the users personal laptop that might stop the local drive mappings from taking effect? I have asked him if he has any security in place and he informs me that it is all disabled.

I have tried reisntalling his web client, he is using version 9 like all of our other users.
Any help would be appreciated?
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oh ok... sorry I misunderstood.

Have you verified when this person logs on that they are actually using the Web client and don't have the java client selected (or one of the other clients).  If they selected that one time it will stay selected until they change it.  Of course this would imply that they are able to select other client types and that you have other clients enabled.  

Other than that I would make sure you check for antivirus / personal firewall software on the computer.  I would bet that most users don't know how to properly configure this and that it may in fact be blocking access to the drives.
Yes there is a client setting that would prevent the client drives.  Once you login to an application from the Secure Gateway, you will see a citrix icon in the tray down by the system clock.  Double click that to open the Program Neighborhood Connection Center.

Then click the File Security button and verify that he has selected Full Access.  We usually also select "Never ask me again" so they don't get prompted each time.
hertel-devAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response.

However it's not a case of the drive access being restricted but the drives don't actually get passed through full stop.

When the access is restricted the local drives can be seen but you can't open them, in this case the user can't see any of the client drives.

Again, this is only the case on the users personal laptop, if the user logs onto any other machine it client drives are mapped.

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