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Wipe handheld. hard reset

I just bought blackberry 8700G last week.   I had installed too many softwares.   I tried to "wipe handheld", but some program still in my device.   Then I tried to delete from desktop manager too. And now I lost  some java script and some application which came with device.   But I really want my blackberry device to start all over , like brand new from the box.   I used to have O2 .   Every times I did hard reset on O2 ,  it started from the beginning.  I need help!!!   Please advise what to do.  Thank you very much in advance.

PS  By the way I went to the shop that I bought,  they cannot fix it.  
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1 Solution
There are three different types of resets, and they should be tried in order...

1) Power cycle - simply turn the device off, then on
2) Soft-Reset - Hold down ALT + CAP + DEL
3) Hard-Reset - Locate and push the reset button using a paper-clip. <--------------  This is what you want.
Wipe is not equal to a factory reset. Best way to try that is to reinstall your OS! You can use javaloader from the RIM SDK to zap the device first.

"C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry JDE 4.1.0\bin\JavaLoader.exe"

Usage: JavaLoader [-u] [-p<port>|<pin>] [-b<baud>] [-d0|-d1] [-w<password>] [-q]

-u           Connect to USB handheld (default is serial)
-p<port>     Specifies the serial port (serial handhelds only)
-p<pin>      Specifies the handheld PIN (USB handhelds only)
-b<baud>     Specifies the baud rate (serial handhelds only)
-d0          Disables VM debug mode
-d1          Enables VM debug mode
-w<password> Connects using the specified password
-q           Quiet mode

<command> is of

  dir [-d] [-s]
    Lists modules on the handheld
      -d     Display dependency information
      -s     Display siblings

    Provides information on the handheld

  load <.cod file> ...
    Loads modules onto the handheld

  save <module> ...
    Retrieves modules from the handheld

  info [-d] <.cod file> ...
    Provides information on the specified modules
      -d     Display dependency information

  wipe [-a|-f]
    Wipes the handheld
      -a     Wipe applications only
      -f     Wipe filesystem only

  erase [-f] <module> ...
    Erases modules on the handheld
      -f     Force erase of in-use modules

    Enables VM debug mode

    Retrives the handheld event log

    Sets the time on the handheld to the current time

  radio on|off
    Turns the handheld's radio on or off

    Enumerates all USB handhelds

  siblinginfo <.cod file> ...
    Provides sibling information on the specified modules

  screenshot <.bmp file>
    Retrives the current screen contents and saves it as a BMP file

surangAuthor Commented:
Thank  you for your reply. I tried 1 and 2 already.  Everything still the same.  for #3  I could not find the reset button.
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Hard-Reset  is a FActory restore
How to perform a HARD RESET

From the handheld, locate the RESET button on the back of the device, near the bottom. If you do not see the reset button, check under the battery cover. Look for a small hole with a label that says RESET.  
Using a pin or paper clip, press the RESET button. The device will restart.
There is no (hard) reset button on a 8700g
surangAuthor Commented:
Do the following:

Options->Security Options->General Settings and select from the menu "Wipe handheld".

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