How to Disable out of office for List Server base emails coming to my inbox

I am running Outlook 2003 with an Exchange Server 2003 backend.  I want to activate Out of Office Assistant, but I do not want the Out of Office replies going to all senders to my inbox.  I want to choose a couple senders that will not receive out of office notices when they send email to my inbox.  Mainly these are list server generated emails. Is there a way to do this?    
GDB IanAsked:
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David LeeCommented:
Hi iburke666,

> Is there a way to do this?
Not with Out of Office.  It's an all or nothing proposition.

You should be able to do this fairly easily with Rules. Rather than using the Out of Office Assistant, set up rules that send a message to all incoming email except ones from the list servers.
Depends on how the list server sends its messages.
With list servers, they use the BCC field. You can suppress OOTO messages being sent to addresses where you are in the BCC field on the Exchange server by using the following KB article:

David LeeCommented:
Hi, iburke666.

Any progress?
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