Sporadic freezes when replying or forwarding e-mails in Outlook Web Access

I've looked all through EE for this, and have tried a few things to no avail.  One of our external workers freezes her browser about every fifth time she forwards or replies to any e-mail.  It isn't only certain e-mails.  The freeze is her browser waiting for a response from the server, I believe - it doesn't crash the browser, just hangs forever.

She can be reading the e-mail or just previewing it, doesn't make any difference.

We have Exchange 2000, she has IE 6.0.xxxx.xx.  All latest patches applied.  Problem started a month or so ago.  Cannot replicate the problem on my account.

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Number one fix for OWA issues is to flush out the temporary internet files.
Number two fix is to recreate the Windows profile.

If you can't replicate the problem elsewhere, then it is an issue with the machine being used.

ExhibitorPublicationsAuthor Commented:
Flushing the temp files worked.
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