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Best Firewall backup/replacement

We currently have a Symantec gateway 5420 firewall appliance in place on our network.
Everything is working great and we haven't had any major problems with it.  We feel that one day, that will change.
Everything on our network has been clustered or has some sort of a failover method should one of our servers fail, except for our firewall.  If it goes down,  we will have no internet access, and our websites will be inacessable as well as a number of other problems.
Does anybody have a recommendation as to what kind of software or hardware we can purchase to protect ourselves in the event of a failure?
One device that has been suggested is a "Watchguard Firebox® X 750e"  
another option would be to buy another Symantec box and have them running clustered,  but this would be a very expensive method.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

3 Solutions
If I were you I go for another Symantec product and make a pair and run it in HA. If you have to go for diff vendor box then you may not be able to configure in auto failover. Instead you have a hot stby ( not so hot i guess), which you need to manually change ot do a complex routing changes ( Configure routes with diff metric/cost so failvoer the traffic to the second firewall).
If your budget allows may be you can even consider replacing your existing single firewall with a pair of cheap alternatives. ( Honestly I dont know the price of Watchguard or Symantec but if you can convince mgmt, that it should be done then I think its quite easy)
I like Juniper but I'm picky :)
Where are you based?

The 5420 and 750e are closely matched in terms of performance.  Both have around 200MBps throughput.  The Firebox has two additional ports.

I reckon if you were to contact a Watchguard reseller I'm sure that you'd be offered a very good price to tyrade-in your Symantec appliance for a pair of Firebox X devices.  Watchguard are very keen for new business as they must make far more on their software and support subscriptions than the appliance hardware.

I would also consider getting pricing for a pair of entry level peak devices as these have gigabit interfaces, even higher throughput and come with Fireware Pro.

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