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I run Exchange 2003 and need to know how to delete all items from a users mailbox.. ?
I have a user who left and is coming back.. I dont want to remove the mailbox and recreate.. I just want to prune everything out of it.. can it be done?
There was a tool in 5.5 for this.
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Its easy....

Get in to ADUC, right click user and, exchange tasks, remove exchange attributes.

Run cleanup agent in under mailbox store / mailbox and right click purge mailbox.

Right click user again and exchange tasks, add exchange attributes that will get the user a new mailbox.

If this is not what you wish to do, use exmerge to Cut from teh database and paste it to a destination server, when phase oneis done stop exmerge and this will remove all contents from the mailbox (you would have the PST) and the mailbox becoms empty.

NTGuru705Author Commented:
Got it thanks...
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