Changing IP on Exchange Svr

Hi All,

I am currently running an exchange server on a certain external IP block my company owns. ARIN has made some decisions which forces us to change our block a little bit in the 3rd octet. Is there anything I should lookup or know before I do this, or is it safe to just change the address on the NIC card? This is, of course, assuming all firewalling and routing is working with the new block, BGP, etc.

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It will upset Exchange for a while.
I would probably suggest shutting down Exchange, disable the Exchange services, change the IP address DNS etc and then reboot. The server will come back up without Exchange. Leave it for a short while - 20 minutes or so should be fine and then check your domain controllers to see that it is being resolved to the new address. If all is well, change the Exchange services to automatic and start them up. Another reboot will not be required.

If you do the task with the server running it would case more problems then what Sembee have suggested....
aaxicoAuthor Commented:
Excellent, I will go ahead and do this This weekend or Monday.

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