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Cisco PIX 506e, 1841

Last Modified: 2010-03-19
Does anyone knows that Cisco PIX 506e has router capability ? ( Port Forwarding, DNS, Port Trigeering, . . . . . . . . )
I called Cisco helpdesk, and infered that PIX series is not a router its just a hardware firewall. I was under the impression that PIX series is a hardware firewall and a router.

Have anyone used PIX506e as a router extensively ?
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Cisco elpdesk suggest the model 1841. (Which has software firewall)
a pix 506e is indeed a hardware firewall it will so limited routing functionality between 2 segments but that is about it.


Pardon my ignorance.
Scotty, Can you explain more about your point.  
not meant to be blunt ... sorry if you took it that way....  a pix will not route a packet out the same interface it recieves it on, unless it has multipule virtual interface or VLANs.  a PIX is a packet filter it is designed to look at packets source and destination and allow them to pass or drop them a router looks at the destination and puts the packet on the network closest to the destination address as determined by a static route or routing protocol.

I am sure there are many other differences but these are some of the main ones that are going to cause issue in the usual situations.



No, You are OK
I am not expert in networking, i from programming backgroud. I am trying to catch up the concepts.


I have 3 physical server and want to get a new router, Can PIX be consded for basic routing, , like port forwarding . . . .
I know it supports VPN.
This one is on us!
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 (````)                                       |h|------------(server1)
 (         )                                     |c|
(internet )----------DSL---(pix)-----|T|------------(sever2)
 (         )          |                          |I|
  (____)           |                          |W|
                       |                          |S|_________(server3)
                   |  VPN  |
                   | Users |
There will couple more server added.
All will be in the same network segment (, . . . . . . )
Each server box would have min of 30 port forwarding rules.

Scott, What do you think ?
Should work not a problem the PIX 506E
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