J2ME Generate .svg of .png file

I am trying to generate .svg file of .png from J2ME application.I have nextel i870 phone. I went through a couple of APIs (tinyline, org.w3c.dom..) they dont have any examples to generate .svg file of .png. Is there any way I can do that?? If you could help me on that, It would be a great help.

Prajwol Bhandari
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raster images when converted to vector (like SVG), always become larger, because there is no algorithm that can detect shapes/lines/etc in the raster image to formulate it (in order to reduce the size) so it is constrained to export each pixel individualy, and that results in a larger file size.
you can test it here http://www.enetzwerk.de/svg/index2.html
Afaik tinyline is not for converting raster images to SVG
however you can download Programmer's Guide for sample codes

Btw below is an open source java tool for this purpose
also http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/batik/
am not sure if you can port them to J2me
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Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
There is a dev toolkit from Tinyline for SVG, hope this helps:

velosumdevAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for your comments. The link which you guys sent is for generating .svg file from java graphics2D (like circle, rect, square). I was looking for a way to
convert raster images (jpg,png) to vector image.

I know there are programs for automatic or semiautomatic verctorization on pc (like Delineate). But I am looking for something which is compatible with J2ME environment.

Thanks again for your help.
velosumdevAuthor Commented:
Guys let me reiterate what exactly I am trying to do. May be that will help to understand the problem better.

I have an app which captures an image from the Motorola i870 phone and sends that image to the server through HTTP post. I have to send that image to the server from the phone.

To make the life easier, I tried to generate a .svg file of that image and send it to the server, because I could reduce the overhead by almost 1/10 in terms of size.

So, It would be great help for if you could help me solve this problem. Its really an inportant feature of our company's product.

Thanks again,
> there is no algorithm
or im not yet aware of
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