Can't find drivers for my VGA Card

Hello Hardware expert,

Recently i had to reinstall my os because
of a vrius.
But i am having troubles finding the right drivers for my VGA card.
I use Windows 98 Second Edition.
This is the information i can find back on the VGA card itself.

on the back of the card i find a label that says the following.

CT 7990600 264878

on the front i see a text :


On the chip of the card i see the following code


I would be very thankfull if you could help me find these
drivers for Win98.

Kind regards

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ib68alexConnect With a Mentor Commented:
your vga card mostly sis chipset not nivedia

try SiS300/305 Graphic Driver(Win9x) from this page:

this driver for win98 se with 5.6 mb

i hope it works fine
shaharidzalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Steven,
"A4-TNT2SD-A3-0" means that you have a Nvidia TNT2 card.

Download the approriate drivers for your system from
Select 'Graphic Drivers' -> 'Geforce and TNT2'.

Purple_SkyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For future references keep in mind that this unknown device identifier will help you find more info about devices and identify the unknown ones.
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callrsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Re: unknown device identifier prog: Instead of a direct download link, a step-up link that first gives info about that program would help...that way we get the prog & the original intro rather than just blindly dl the prog
stevenvervlietAuthor Commented:
Thank you for youre reply,

I have downloaded Nvidia tnt drivers but the software tells theres no compatible hardware found.
On the motherboard i saw the VIA, i downloaded
the 4in1 drivers installed them but still no difference.
I ran the tool that should identify the card
it says : Nvidia Corp. Riva TNT2 [NV5]

You'r help is very appreciated.
Kind regards
did you download and install this 11.7 mb driver ? ---->
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you also install the AGP driver for your motherboard? Or is that included in the 4in1 driver?
stevenvervlietAuthor Commented:
The motherboard has a chip on it
that says
Looking at the logo it should be VIA.
I installed the 4in1 drivers for win 98
i don't know if they include the agp driver
for my motherboard. But it still doesn't
make a difference, thou he installed the 4in1 drivers succesfully.
And yes i downloaded the nvidia drivers for
win98, but he says he does not regocnize the hardware.

Kind regards
willcompConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try the Win9x drivers located here:

Note there are separate drivers for AGP and PCI cards.  If it's AGP, slot is probably brown and will be set further forward (toward front of case) than PCI slots.
stevenvervlietAuthor Commented:
Hello Willcomp,

I have tried the riva drivers that you have mentioned, i took the AGP driver cause it is AGP,
I went to device manager Try to replace the standard vga drivers, but the pc says that the
best driver is allready installed.

Kind regards
Usually, nVidia has an install program and manual driver installation is not required.

If installing manually, you will need to do a "forced" install and not let Win 98 search for driver.  I can't recall exact steps for 98 and don't have a Win 98 PC in shop to use, but you will need to get to a window that includes a "Have Disk" radio button.  Then point to directory that contains driver files.

From the CT in product ID, suspect card is a Creative Labs 3D Blaster.  Apparently they no longer provide drivers for video cards on web site.

If you have try so many ways to get this problem solved...
I'll suggest you to buy a pci video card and disable the onboard graphics card.
Note: Well... do this only if you can't find the right driver for you graphics card.

1.) Turn off you computer and install the new video card.
2.) Go to the setup blue screen and disable the one onboard.
3.) Restart you computer.

I don't see where you removed any existing graphics drivers before  installing the new ones.  Go into device manager, click on you graphics card and remove option.  Then reboot. Now install the new drivers ( I download to the desk top and save them there until installing).

I have two graphics card install it in my machine
I can always switch it back one and another from Display Properties,
I have this option with NVIDIA.

So if i was you, i'll think it twice before uninstall the one you already have : )
Like i said before, just go to the setup blue screen, Press F2 and go to the settings.

Just realized that you may have downloaded and tried to install release 80 driver series.  TNT2 is not supported in 80 series drivers.  You will need older release 70 or below driver.  This is page for those, I suggest release 71.84.
Was it actually an SIS card or did you accept wrong answer?
i dont think it was a sis card...
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