Got hacked!!! help needed!

Hello experts,

System: Windows XP professional.

My friend's hotmail id got hacked (in India).
He has approached me.
He wants:
1) To know who hacked his id.
2) To get back his id by any means possible since he doesn't want to lose all his contacts (work and family).
If he loses the contacts then his work will be severly effected.

He was also wondering whether he could hack into his own id and change he password. Of course he or I aren't experts at hacking. So...I just tought I'll ask.
I have been approached by him for the fourth time and have found no solution to it yet.

Thanks in advance everyone.
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If he said he was hacked is probably because he knew what he was doing.

The easy way for someone to get the username and password in Yahoo! or Hotmail
is by using a little program or any tool that it promises many things and cool stuff : )
But thats just an old trick that at the end it takes you username and you password.
in my few years that i have in Yahoo! i have seen much people who have been sacked this way : )

The best way to get this account back...
is by contact MSN, but be sure to have all you information handy.
username, old password, date of birth, zipcode, secret question, etc.
You can also do this in the main account page in MSN

Hope this can help

bk_jreinsteinAuthor Commented:
Oh and he would also appreciate it if he can prevent hackers in the future.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
We can't help you hack anything.  If his information was stolen I would contact Hotmail and explain the situation.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Prevent hackers -
1. CHANGE PASSWORD periodically
2. Use Long Passwords
3. Tell NO ONE the password
4. The "hacker" was probably someone he knows because hackers can get their own hotmail accounts for free and have no real interest in your friends account.
Tracking the who part is very tough, if it was easy, the jails would be full of hackers...

I agree with leew, it is likely an inside job.

How does he know its been hacked?   Post the symptoms here, maybe we can help.....

Has he tried the lost password option?  
bk_jreinsteinAuthor Commented:
I'm a rookie in this field.

Another problem is I can't contact him anymore because he has just shifed his house too. And he said he'll contact me next month and expects me to have solved the problem by then seeing as my reputation is very good. So either I have to hack into his id which I don't know how to do or I have to tell him how to restore his account. I don't know how but he was quite confident that he was hacked. I know that he caught someone in his server and they escaped.

leew: I know that you can't tell me how to hack. He doesn't think that the hacker would have had enough time to get his information.
What I meant by preventing hackers was some software to do it.

arthurjb: I think I have to agree that the tracking part would be very tough. Yeah, he tried the lost password option and it turns he forgot his secret answer too.

Neway points are increased (I'm getting so may good responses so fast). :)
bk_jreinsteinAuthor Commented:
I guess that the hacking and tracking part would be extreamly difficult. Especially in India I guess.
bk_jreinsteinAuthor Commented:
By the way, EE must be using some hack prevention software too. How else can they say Hacker Safe at the top of tis page??

bk_jreinsteinAuthor Commented:
@ leew

I know for a fact that:

1) He changes his password every 3 days (now that's what I call frequent).
2) He uses 16 letter passwords every time.
3) He has not told his password to anyone (unless he has been in a life threatening situation which needs his password to spare him which I don't know of). lol

Yeah, and I guess the hacker must be someone he knows (don't allow your mind to jump to me!!) but I guess that he has neglected telling me of his suspicions (I'm sure he doesn't suspect me).

I repost the important question that you have not answered;

>How does he know its been hacked?   Post the symptoms here, maybe we can help.....

From your description so far, I see no evidence of hacking.  Either he has just forgotten the password, or he changed it to something different than what he thinks it is.

Hacking is a lot different than guessing or stealing someone's password.  If someone hacked hotmail, it would be a national story.
If he changes his password every 3 days, I would suspect he mistyped his password or forgot what he put in this last time.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I'm inclined to agree with ISoul - which is why I'll say again, have him contact hotmail.
my suggestion would be to stop using hotmail. i hope your friend gets his contacts back, but after he does, he should consider another email provider.

perhaps he just forgot his password.

@  bk_jreinstein  

i am amazed my buddy hackin come on man .....i will probably advised to make a new one .... :) .....and also sujjest ur friend to use paid emails ....they have a higher security ...then hotmail or yahoo .....also if he doesnt wanted this so get a premium account from hotmail cause by using this no one can change ur passward until u enter ur credit card details :)

wertyk dear is right here ......stop using hotmail for serious matters :) ......

dont waste ur time contacting hotmail ....they neva do a thing :P ...............well like a country such as India ...i might suspect ur friend is trying to get information abt how to hack hotmail is common in india people are mad about hacking yahoo and hotmail ( well dont get offended :) but its true :)   )......................

I also sujjest that add ur friends Id with a girl ID on msn .....usually people add girls immidiately :) to the person pretending u r a really old and close friend ...and then find out who is he ..... then u might caught his neck up with after getting a spot to meet each other ... :) ...

kisses to ya ......

Yahoo! and MSN/Hotmail are not that bad at all
Their are a good free resource e-mail address.

Is someone out there saying Yahoo! and MSN are easy to Hack?
Well thats becasue they hack users that have no idea on what is going on with YIM and MSN.

But tell then to try with someone who understand a little about this case, any hack attempt will fail.

My only suggestion about e-mails accounts is to never reveal who you really are.
That goes with you phone, cell, credit cards, house number, and so many other things.
and keep the must of you private stuff out the inbox, bulk, and any folder that you create.

About me, no one can hack my Yahoo! account... 100% guarantee... Yahoo! ID or Mail Account : )
am not trying to put my Yahoo! account to the test... But hacking accounts in Yahoo! or MSN only
work with chaters and people that waste their time in finding girlfriends and boyfriends online.

I do not want to discuss this subject here, But like 5 years ago i did learn how people use to hack others.
Then i learn how to protect my self from being hacked from people that have no knowledge on Hacking.


If somebody has stolen or "hacked" your MSN account and changed all three different ways...
to reset your own Password, you will need to get in touch with a support team to have it reset manually.

If the account access details have been changed without your consent, Then go to the Passport member centre.

Enter your name, contact e-mail and details of the affected MSN account.

Enter the following information in the open text box:
"ACCOUNT STOLEN" Detail the approximate time and date you last signed in successfully
State whether it is a free or a subscription account (subscription accounts can be reset with billing details)

They need to verify that you are the true account holder and will send you a
series of suestions which relate to the profile information stored on the account.

For security reasons, if you cannot answer the profile questions correctly, it is unlikely
that we will reset the account nor engage in any kind of discussion about activity on the account.

bk_jreinsteinAuthor Commented:
I forgot to say, this guy is an eccentric. I studied with him and there is no way he could have forgotten his password. I know it.
If he forgot his password I'll leave EE forever.

lol, he is that bad, believe me.

@ magnetic_kisser

Not at all offended. I know that people in India are mad about hacking hotmail. Yeah, he is trying to find out how to hack i think or he's just sitting there relying on my expertise, lol. I already suggested to him that he should stop using hotmail as I know it has a lousy reputation (My last hotmail id got 223 junk emails in 1 day and when I tried to contact them they didn't respond). Of course, not offending anyone in EE working with hotmail. I'm just saying that it must be really bad in India seeing that it has such a large population and very bad connections.

I agree with Dazm's comment after leew's. As for hack prevention software, I think I'll post another comment question Cause there aren't enough points.
bk_jreinsteinAuthor Commented:
@ _TAD_
If he had forgot his password and if I'm going to leave EE why shouln't the forgot password option work??

>If somebody has stolen or "hacked" your MSN account and changed all three different ways...
Exactly what has happened here Dazm.

I guess I ain't such a newbie in this field after all(I had already suggested most of what you guys told me, no offence).
I think I'll just have to tell him the suggestions posted here.

Thank you all  :)
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If you'd like to split the points, just split them (minimum 20 points per person) and/or increase the point value of this question.
bk_jreinsteinAuthor Commented:
Points increased and split.
bk_jreinsteinAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion leew.
And I gave excellent grade A.
Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
Also, don't put info vital to your business contacts in one place and not back it up somewhere else!
bk_jreinsteinAuthor Commented:
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