Cisco 3725 DSL & T1

We have a Cisco 3725 we just ordered we have a T1 coming in with its own CSU/DSU and the DSL is ADSL.

We ordered the Wic1ADSL and Wic1T

I was wondering if it was possible to just order a enternet card for the T1 due to the fact there is already a CSU/DSU

we do not have the v.35 cable and would like to connect it without having to have the ISP come out
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There is some confusion in these answers.  

The Wic-1t ( does not have a CSU/DSU and typically will require a v.35 cable to connect to a CSU/DSU unit (CAB-v35MT) it does not have an rj45 port it has a db-50 serial connection.  There are cards available with CSUs built in, such as wic-1dsu-t1 ( this would eliminate the need for the carrier provided csu/dsu.  If the "CSU/DSU" from the provider has an ethernet handoff, then it is actually a router, and you could use 1 of the two ethernet ports already on your 3725.  No matter what solution, if you are going to do it yourself, you will need information from the provider, ip address, gateway, speed and duplex for ethernet.  For the wic-1t or wic-1dsu-t1, you wiill need encapsulation type (dlci if frame-relay), frame type, number of channels, speed of channels (typically 64k), ip address, and gateway address.
Assuming this is what you mean.

You want to connect the T1 from Carrier into its owns CSU/DSU and then connect this unit with your Cisco router through ethernet card? If your CSU/DSU is giving V.35 Handoff, how can you connect it with your router? You will need V.35 Cable to connect it with the Serial Interface if it has one.

If you have ordered WIC-1 T1 from Cisco, then that will work. You can connect the T1 directly into this card and it will work, you will not need the external CSU/DSU.

For ADSL, you can connect it to the WIC-1-ADSL card and it should work.

You do not need your ISP to come, you can configure it yourself from the Cisco router.

Please explain your questions in detail if these are not the answers you were looking for.
arahmingAuthor Commented:
The people at the ISP said to use the WIC t1 the would have to come out and make some changes to thier router.   have all the static IP and gateway information so I am not sure why we can't just connect it with the V.35 cable. One of the guys I work with said to just get a WAN card with an RJ-45 jack and just drop that in the router and use that to connect to the T1.
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I am not sure what they want to do, but you will not connect the WIC T1 with V.35 cable, you will connect RJ-45 Jack directly into the WIC-T1. WIC-T1 is also known as WAN card they are both the same in your case.
arahmingAuthor Commented:
will there be any problems routing with the dsl using on of the provided ethernet ports
Continuing with Sorenson.....

What kind of card do you have WIC-T1 or WIC-DSU-T1?

Where is this T-1 going to, Internet?

Do you have all the information that Scorenson mentioned?

Assuming T1 is not going to internet, you shouldn't have issues with routing, if the T1 is also going to the Internet, then we need to look into it further.
arahmingAuthor Commented:
A WIC 1-t - Internet and Phones for the T1
we have all the information ts being routed through a PX firewall right now.

The problem is the phone company said they would have to come out so we where thnking about just using an internal ethernet the question is can we still use both the adsl and T-1 routing through the ethernet @J-45
T1 is for the Internet and DSL which is connected through is also for the Internet?
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