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Setting up HostName

Posted on 2006-06-09
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-15
This is actually a continuation of the following questions I asked and still haven't been able to resolve:

One expert suggested me to post this question of a Linux forum. I am basically having a very hard time configuring this Linux box as a web server. I installed Fedora 5 on it and also installed Apache. I have verified that the service is running, when I type in http://localhost on the address bar, a phpinfo page comes up. Now, I would like to know how to set it up so other users in the network can view the web pages I plan to transfer to this box. One more thing, there are two different domains in the network. Please be detailed in your answer, I know nothing about networking, just starting to learn. The IT department is swamped and can't provide me with a lot of help unfortunately. Thanks!
Question by:horalia
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Accepted Solution

ranadastidar earned 2000 total points
ID: 16876540
for webpage hosting u have to configure dns as well as apache

i m sending two very good popular link for that, just read throuh that i m sure it ll help u a lot.

Author Comment

ID: 16894606
OK, I'll read them today and hopefully get this box working. Thanks!

Expert Comment

ID: 16895928
but dont forget to give my points.
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Author Comment

ID: 16896140
I won't! I like the site, it has a lot of information for newbies like me.

Expert Comment

ID: 16896147
then its ok, then u wont like any other site, bcos it was the best site over net

Author Comment

ID: 16897283
Well, I've been doing some reading but haven't found an answer to my question yet. Had I known that it would take me so much time setting this thing up, I would have begged my supervisor for a windows server instead of this. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Linux is great being that it's free and all, but I just don't have the time to do so much reading, and unfortunately, there is no help in my department. I've been struggling with this for the past two weeks and have made no progress whatsoever. Do you have any more hints that I can use? The ethernet device on web server automatically obtains the IP address via DHCP.

Author Comment

ID: 16898488
Well, I finally was able to find the answer to my problem. It was the firewall. I flushed the firewall rules using iptables -L and I was able to see the initial web page from a machine located at different domains.
LVL 25

Expert Comment

ID: 16906903
horalia, since you solved your own problem, please post a Q in the Community Support area referencing the URL to this Q stating that you want to PAQ and refund the Q. If you look at the very top right of this page, you'll see the Support link to get you to the Community Support area.

Author Comment

ID: 16906981
Will do.
LVL 14

Expert Comment

ID: 16910006
>>>  horalia, Cyclops3590:
regarding  refund the Q.

Only some general view to it:

I sense some sort of possible conflict between
the fact that people have to purchase question points with hard and real dollars
and the fact that often a person thought to have solved 'all on own' but
indeed only did after having posted for assistance and after having received
attention and advice, that after all, didn't actually solve the problem with an
direct anwer, but may have triggered the right idea and gave reflection and
fresh views to what elsewise may not have been elevated to cognition by
the poster.

Certainly the problem is neither special with horalia nor with ranadatisdar, who in my
opinion gave some nice links here, but seems a general issue, that may deserve
some new discussion about the payment and expert award system on EE at some point in time.

Cheers to you all

LVL 25

Expert Comment

ID: 16910910
I fully agree with you that certain items should be reviewed from time to time, but I'm not convinced that we'd see any changes with regards to this issue. Just because someone asks a question on EE doesn't mean they don't work on the issue unless given a suggestion by an expert.  PAQ/Refund is the result (from what I've usually seen anyway) of the asker not fully checking all of the more obvious causes of problems (which only become even more obvious after years of experience and coming across the same problem a couple of times) and then checking them after they have already asked a question.  

Experts at EE jump on questions very quickly and most newbies to EE don't realize that if they solve their own solution, with no related information from any experts (which setting up dns/apache howtos aren't exactly close to check the firewall in my book) then they need to ask for a PAQ/Refund, Delete/Refund, or if no one had posted yet, then delete the Q themselves.

And finally, I mean absolutely no disrespect to anyone here, but it is my opinion that who cares if you give good information in a post.  If it doesn't actually solve the problem being addressed (or at the very least, lead the asker in the right direction), then in that situation its not useful information; not meaning it isn't very useful and valid if posted in other Qs.  That is my issue with EE, experts getting points just for "trying."  If it doesn't solve the problem it shouldn't be considered an answer; it needs to be helpful information, not good information.  Many people query the EE database for already answered solutions to problems they are having so that the same Q doesn't get continually asked and it doesn't help when invalid answers are selected.  Receiving points for getting a correct answer is great and not a bad motivator to volunteer more, but if an expert only helps out for the points, then atleast in my opinion they shouldn't be helping in the first place.  

I want to repeat that I am only expressing my opinion about these situations, and am in no way trying to berate anyone.

Expert Comment

ID: 16918171
I am strongly oppose the points refunding proposal, horalia post his problem over here and I suggested two good links for that, but if dont like to read that article then its very much unfortunate, no one have enough time to tell line by line procedure to solve a problem we can just send some valuable advice from our past experience. This is not a tutorial site i think.
LVL 14

Expert Comment

ID: 16918981
>>> Cyclops3590

I basically do agree with you. The problem is, which way you'd ever push or pull the actual EE award system,
it won't improve really, nor change a lot or unvaforably turn into anything else. I know EE from the time when
issues were rather treated in way how you'd like to see it: No award for experts, unless the problem was
100 % solved for the asker. That however lead to a huge pile-up of thousands of open questions, which
were simply abandoned by askers, who wanted to have help quick and in expert fashion, but didn't bother
to come back and response to the unnumerous efforts of volunteers. Many became sick of contributing any
longer and preferred to leave the EE 'business'. Now I think, the situation is not always perfect either, nor
fair in any case, but seen on a long range participation it seems improved and more balanced. Personally,
I had times where I spent hours on analyzing and research for the solution of the Questioner, where it didn't work out
and didn't result in any 'award', but I also had times where huge amounts of points were transferred for abandoned
question, where my comment was a mere 'maybe' for a solution. So, seen long term participation, I am fine with it.
Indeed, you cannot neglect the fact that EE is based on some triggering competition, even more to those who are
new here, to have them more fun for acting as experts, as well as for the 'oldtimers', either for the same reasons,
for 'giving them adequate feedback to their efforts or simply because having premium services available is really
more comfort.

>>> ranadastidar

Well, you did choose for the extreme side here, so to say, but I respect the fact that you communicate very openly
about your view of the things and . . . you have the full right to do so, even if you may learn at some future EE participation,
that it sometimes takes a 'distinct' approach to the problem of a questioner, in order to receive approval as a solution or
valuable assist. ; ) However, I think after all telling their viewpoint, horalia may come to a new statement about his question
 . .  or not, but after that I think it would be a good idea to accept the decsision of the EE moderator and then simply go on
answering other questions up here. No question is the same and so is the people envolved in them, so I think if
you keep up your intention of providing for valuable support, then it sure will often pay out in points, if this is your game.

>>> horalia

Well, I guess you did already read the comments about your refunding proposal. What I did observe was,
that of course ranadastidar's input ( "but don't forget to give my points" ) sounded a bit of the 'unexpected
in my view but . . . well . . . life is sometimes like that. Apart from that, you took it easy and as what I found
in your response ("I won't! I like the site, it has a lot of information for newbies like me.") you sounded quite
positive about it. Then, later you solved yourself, which is believable because it happens quite often,
as we did learn and what I know from own experience. So, I only did listen to this question topic
and don't know what went going in your mind, but found it quite 'airy' of how you did jump to
opposite agreements about how to deal with your points. I have a suggestion for now
and a valuable tip for your EE future:
1) for this one, I'd suggest to MODS to split points here into 50 % to ranadastidar and
50 % to refund to your account, which should be possible.
2) Except for times when you have question points available like water in the sea, I'd
always start out on a question with less than 500, but ideally more than 50, depending
on importance let's say 100 or 200. The reason is, that 'experts' who are in focus
for the 'points game' seldom concentrate on anything lower than 500 when scrolling
through the list of 'new Questions'. An ideal expert of the make Cyclops3590 described
it, will focus on basically any question that he is capable of answering, no matter how
high or low the points offered.  



Expert Comment

ID: 16919110
thanks for your comment xberry , for my view to participate here to answering  questions is different, i just try to share my limited knowlege to other, if it ll helpful to other that is the best reward i think.
LVL 14

Expert Comment

ID: 16919190
Never mind ranadastidar, I actually took your challenge for points with
a sense of humour, . . . as an 'eye winking' ; )) remark, so to say, which it sure was.
So take it easy and . . . you're welcome.
LVL 25

Expert Comment

ID: 16919384
xberry, I must have been unclear.  I apologize.  While I obviously prefer to have a Q answered a 100% (who doesn't), I realize that some Qs don't have an answer because what is being asked is impossible or so rare that there might be only a couple people in EE that know how its done and know it is extremely complicated to do, much more explain.  This is why I very much like the grading system.  If one is answered 100%, it should obviously get an A, pushed in the right direction is all maybe a C, maybe a B.

However, I really found your suggestion interesting.
>>1) for this one, I'd suggest to MODS to split points here into 50 % to ranadastidar and
>>50 % to refund to your account, which should be possible.

I would have to think this one over a little.  I'm not sure if I like it.  The reason is if ranadastidar gave good enough information to receive some points, why not all of them, but with a grade of B or C.  Its the same problem that I have with accepting PAQ/No Refund.  I've gotten some flack over not choosing it in some cases where it probably makes sense, but if the question has enough information to be considered for PAQing, then obviously somone deserves the points, even if it is a C grade (or even D, which I from my last reading of the rules only mods can give out).   Or am I completely misunderstanding what you meant by this suggestion.
LVL 25

Expert Comment

ID: 16919455
I apologize for creating this whole discussion where it probably shouldn't be, but its good for members to discuss this in my opinion.


Did you read this part of the Apache How To that ranadastidar posted.

Testing Basic HTTP Connectivity

The very first step is to determine whether your web server is accessible on TCP port 80 (HTTP).

Lack of connectivity could be caused by a firewall with incorrect permit, NAT, or port forwarding rules to your Web server. Other sources of failure include Apache not being started at all, the server being down, or network-related failures.

When I read your post that you basically solved it yourself, I assumed you took the time to read what ranadastidar posted since you posted you would.  I didn't read the links until just now since I already know how to set those up.  Since one of ranadastidar's links had the answer, but not exactly how to accomplish the task, I would have to say that this question should be awarded to ranadastidar with a grade of no less than B.  horalia, I'm not trying to scold you on this so sorry if it came across that way.  Just wanted to emphasize the point that when you say you are going to read some links (although I understand it can take some time), please do a couple of times when the problem persists because it does happen where you miss something important while reading thru it the first time (I do it all the time).
LVL 14

Expert Comment

ID: 16925992
To my shame I must admit I had a wrong understanding about the way, question points are purchased
by EE customers. ( I get my share from the experts contribution usually). So I did just check on it:
One can buy premium service for one month, six month and so on. So this does give
the questioner unlimited points for the time he has suscribed, right ?
Obviously there is no need to 'economize' on question points these days,
as long as one is subscribed to premium services.  I had the wrong concept,
that people have to purchase for certain amount of points, which may lead to
understandable monetary conflicts in some people minds, so I have to apologize, that I didn't
fully read the subscription terms lately.

So, I fully admit with Cyplos3590 on how to treat the case here:

horalia, there was some valuable help from ranadastidar, so why not to grant him the full scale of points here ?
So, as you think he didn't hit the point fully by giving you the exact solution (which is not always possible, since
individual system conditions often vary in many details and cannot easily be duplicated by experts acting remotely) simply
leave him off with a grade of B.

A note on this though: It happened to me in the past, that after a long enervating troubleshooting procedure,
that did envolve lots of expert contribution, I finally managed to solve the problem myself. Well, it gave me
a feeling of relieve and happiness that finally I found it 'myself' and it often did work out like that, but I've always
been aware that it has been the helping experts that put the 'confines' and 'signposts' on the road to personal solution.

Adding to my tip that I gave earlier hereinabove:

So in future, you start your diligent questions with 200 points let's say. Experts, who
rather watch out for the question title than for pont level will respond. In the process
of solving the topic, you may find that one or more experts did help you really well
and you'd like to share your happiness be granting them additional points. EE
has this option to rise the points and you can go up to higher levels at
any point in time. I think there is a responsibility about right amounts of points
to spend, especially if things are going well and experts are responding.

I think 'expert' doesn't always mean that 'he has to know everything about one special topic'
(well, there are areas, where 'cracks' like that exist and where the topic often allows for answers
that exactly hit the nail) but 'expert' is a valuable attitude that comes with an overall high and
often foreseeing responsibility that creates for that way to success and improvement of situations
rather than going into details of 'who did it' or 'how did we do it'              

Author Comment

ID: 16927109
xberry, I will follow your suggestion and award ranadastidar the points. I found the link provided informative, which I'm sure will help me in the future. I completely agree that expert doesn't mean knowing everything there is to know about a particular subject. In my case, I was sure that I had the server set up correctly, there was just a little change needed to be made, and the more I read, the more I found instructions that I had already followed, so frustration started to build...

Expert Comment

ID: 16928424
thanks horalia for your points.
LVL 14

Expert Comment

ID: 16929162
. . . and the more I read, the more I found instructions that I had already followed, so frustration started to build...

very understandable, too. It often happens to me,
but frustration for me often is a jumping point to a totally different view
of things and same as in your case it would then lead to a . . . solution.
So, sometimes it takes somebody giving me heaps of
something what may be of the undigestable to me in order to
jerk myself off from fixation to a mental blockade or so,
but then this would be helpful, too, won't it ? ; ))
Well, this is how I see it. Anyway, I find it great that you came
to a pleasant solution to this one, in all aspects.
Best wishes to you.


Author Comment

ID: 16943404
Thanks for your suggestions xberry, and you're welcome ranadastidar. See you all later...

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