Remove Entire Exchange Organization

How can I manually delete an entire Exhcnage Organization out Active Directory?  I see that you can do it in ADSIEDIT, but I did not find any info on what to delete.  Any help?

Both of exchange servers are done for and we are going to start over.  Once I remove that, I know how to clean up the DC issues in AD.  But, I want to rid of exchange completely....
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december41991Connect With a Mentor Commented:
open ADSIEDIT....and remove the key as in the Figure 2: Remove server with ADSIEDIT.

Make sure you clean up the box of all the exchange folders. All the Exchsrvr folder to be deleted or safely rename it to exchsrvr.old


How to manually remove an Exchange 2000 installation

How to remove Exchange Server 2003 from your computer

This is real easy from the ADSIEDIT. Only one key delete.

Also ifd you want to clear the Exchange box then you could remove all the files as in the link below. All EXCHSRVR folder.

What to delete in ADSIEDIT ? check the link for the pic. under the config container, services, Exchange .....see it and delete it...

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More .. there are lot of it ....

How to completely remove Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003 from Active Directory;en-us;Q273478
lttechAuthor Commented:
I have removed the server I need to rid of the Organization.  The setup.exe /removeorg switch is not working.  It tells me I need to be an Exchange Organization Administator at the organization level.  

I am logged in as administrator.....So I do not understand...
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