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Posted on 2006-06-09
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
I have an array of names, i want to dynamically create one instance of a movie clip for each name in the array, the movieclip is a simple rectangle box.  Also once the instance is created i want the name from the array to be displayed inside the rectangle

how would i do this.

Question by:dkilby
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Assuming there is a label or textbox or dynamic text box called "myText" in the movieclip...

for (i=0; i<myArray.length; i++) {
    this.createClassObject(eval(myArray[i]), myArray[i] + "inst", 1, {_x:0, _y:0, ...});
    eval(myArray[i] + "inst").myText.text = myArray[i];

That should do it. This assumes that there are objects in your library with the names contained in "myArray".


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To do the whole thing dynamically in code you would use this approach (you can replace the values in the "myArr" with your array's values):

// a container for your rectangles
var rect_mc:MovieClip = this.createEmptyMovieClip("rect_mc", 0);
var myArr:Array = new Array("Rect 1", "Rectangle 2", "Rect 3");
// loop through array and create rectangle
for (var i = 0; i<myArr.length; ++i)
      // create dynamic movieclip
      var dynRect_mc:MovieClip = rect_mc.createEmptyMovieClip("dynRect_mc"+i, i);
      // create textfield
      dynRect_mc.createTextField("label_txt", 1, 0, 0, 0, 0);
      var label_txt:TextField = dynRect_mc.label_txt;
      label_txt.autoSize = true;
      // assign the text stored in the array to the textfield
      label_txt.text = myArr[i];
      // create rectangle background
      var bg_mc:MovieClip = dynRect_mc.createEmptyMovieClip("bg_mc", 0);
      // specify rectangle width/height
      var w:Number;
      var h:Number = 25;
      // calculate the width dynamically
      w = label_txt._width+20;
      // if you want each rectangle to have the same width then just set w = 50 or some other number
      with (bg_mc)
            // border
            lineStyle(1, 0x333333, 100);
            // color of the fill
            beginFill(0x006699, 60);
            lineTo(w, 0);
            lineTo(w, h);
            lineTo(0, h);
            lineTo(0, 0);
      // center text inside rectangle
      label_txt._x = (bg_mc._width-label_txt._width)/2;
      label_txt._y = (bg_mc._height-label_txt._height)/2;
      // finally, position the rectangle
      var offsetY:Number = 10;
      dynRect_mc._y = i*(dynRect_mc._height+offsetY);

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the code works great is there anyway of add actionscript dynamically to each of the movie clips it would be the same for each one.

i want the ability to drag the rectangles around so i just want to add something like


to each movieclip



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Yeah, to do that you would add this code at the end (after: dynRect_mc._y = i*(dynRect_mc._height+offsetY);)

dynRect_mc.onPress = function()
dynRect_mc.onRelease = function()

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works perfect, thanks for all your help

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