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How to print in large font

I would like to print a single alphabet per page in A4 size in very large font preferenably in Lucida.
MS Word, etc. doesnot give me a large enough font.
Pl help
1 Solution
David BruggeCommented:
You can use MS Word if you like. Instead of selecting a font size from the pull down list, type in a very large size such as 800pts into the font size window.
Eric AKA NetminderCommented:
I don't think I'd use 800 points -- try about half that.

Points are measured from the top of the ascender to the bottom of the ascender; there are 12 points per pica, and nominally six picas per inch. Point size does not reflect the width of the characters either...

David BruggeCommented:
800 point Ariel is what I use to fill a 8.5 x 11 page.
Individual milage may vary.
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Eric AKA NetminderCommented:
"...page in A4 size..." ... *grin*

800 points is 800 points; it's a print thing that doesn't change based on printer, or even typeface. That's why good web design folks will tell you to specify pixels for web pages. You can't know, as a designer, what monitor or browser the user will be using. But when it comes to printing, that's a different matter entirely.
David BruggeCommented:
>800 points is 800 points; it's a print thing that doesn't change based on printer, or even typeface.

Um, well, kinda’. There is the French Printers Point, the Dildot Point,  the American Point and at least three others that I can’t think of off hand. Then there is the DTP point, sometimes called the Postscript point of 1/72 of an inch.

But ignoring that, and agreeing on a DTP point of 1/72 of an inch, not all 800 pt type is the same height. You know this because you know that the point size of a font is a measurement of its baseline which (usually) encompasses the extenders (the b,d,f, l, etc.  and capital letters as well as the descenders such as the lower case g, j, p, q and y) and the space below to allow for leading. Different designs will have different x-heights and different descenders, so the same letter can be different heights in different faces and still be within the 800 point baseline.

But more to the point. Before posting my suggestion, I opened Microsoft Word, typed in a capital X, set the point size to 800 points and printed the page. (I could have gone a little bit larger, but the “point” was made.

You got me for missing the A4 size. (snaps to ericpete!)

 So tonight I opened Microsoft Word, set the page to A4, set the type size to 800 points and again printed the page (yes, I do keep A4 around the studio)  Now, it is true that I cannot print a lower case j at 800 points using the same baseline, but to be legalistic about it, I can still fill the page with an 800 point lowercase j and print the entire letter on one A4 sheet, which is what the question was about, if I’m not mistaken.

ohhhh…snaps to d_brugge! <grin>
Can we stay on topic please!

Psms, D_Brugge's first comment is correct - you can simply type the font size you want into the font size box in Word (or similar applications), you do not have to use the drop-down box. Some trial and error may be necessary to get the right point size, depending on your selected font and margins, etc.

Sheesh, go away for three weeks and the inmates are trying to run the asylum.
Eric AKA NetminderCommented:
<... Can we stay on topic please!...>
<...go away for three weeks and the inmates are trying to run the asylum...>

Spoilsport... <LOL>
Hi psms,

Draw a text box first. Type the alphabet in it and increase the size to what you want. e.g 800.  Move the text box around so that it is centralised. Preview it first and print!
I guess the best thing to do here is to use CorelDRAW 11 or X3 as the printing is really SHarp with CorelDRAW. Select text tool, click once on the paper .. type what u want and then size it using the corner handles ... simple and elegant.
Eric AKA NetminderCommented:
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