Flash Drive Installation

After a re-format, My Computer failed to recognise a flash drive.
Ran UFD Setup and sign appeared:

Unable to get role for this rid
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dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Uniqueness Database File

This is for Windows NT, 2000 and up stuff.  Not for Windows 98.  That also explains the error message "Unable to get role for this rid"

The problem is elsewhere, you can forget about the UDF setup wizard.  

You may need to find the USB drivers for the motherboard for your machine for the system to work.  You can check in the Control Panel --> System --> Device Manager and see if the USB controllers are listed.  If not you need the drivers for them.

Try download this file and running it.


Contains updated drivers for USB flash drivers.  More information here

>>   My Computer failed to recognise a flash drive.   <<   that is normal, in windows98 you need to install the drivers for every usb device. if you still got the cd, or floppy, just install it
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ChristieauAuthor Commented:
Don't have driver.  It originally worked without one, but since reformet is refuses to work. When I  reinstall with the control panel, Windows insists it is fine but then says it has a problem.  
Then try the link I gave you.
ChristieauAuthor Commented:
All I get is a site called "Rapid Share"  Where is the file?
Scroll to the bottom of the site and click on Free.
ChristieauAuthor Commented:
Did that - Where is the download?
Go to the site which your computer is authorized ....
like dell.com for dell pcs or gateway.com for gateway pcs

Go to support and downloads and enter your serial number which is attached to your computer . It wil give you the supported drivers , install the usb drivers

It should have popped up with another screen asking you where to download from.

You then need to enter some letters to verify that you are not a robot application and then click on the Download button.

Worked for me 30 seconds ago.
ChristieauAuthor Commented:
I downloaded and ran "nusb22e.exe" but still no flash drive.
Ran UFD Setup wizard again but:

"Unable to get role for this rid"
This is Windows 98 isn't it that you are using?  Because I can't find the UDF Setup wizard on my machine.
ChristieauAuthor Commented:
I downloaded it in an attempt to access the Flash drive.  Perhaps it is incompatiable with 98

Are you running Win98 or Win98SE?

Because "nusb22e.exe" doesn't run on Win98.

You have to extract it to a folder (create a new one) using Winzip.

Then plugin the flash drive and the wizard will try to locate a driver. Point it to that folder where you extracted the file above, reboot and the flash drive should now be there as a removable drive.

Alternative download location for that file:


Good luck,

Uninstall ALL driver packages that you have previously installed while trying to get flash drives to work.
Do so from Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and be sure to reboot after you uninstall each of the driver packages so that it cleans up rubbish left behind.
Each of these will have created a bunch of new entries in your registry, and it will be a mess.

Now FIRST install the nusb22e.exe driver package and ONLY THEN connect the test usb flash drive to see if it is identified and made accessible.  Installing usb drivers BEFORE connecting a usb device is standard procedure for most flash drives, usb printers, etc..

I would recommend that you do a google search for flash drives, and bookmark all retailers selling branded and own-make flash drives.  Revisit them in turn and see if you can download Windows 98 drivers for all models.  Note: in most cases one maker uses the same Win98 driver across all of its range.

Install all of them from the downloaded setup packages.  This SHOULD create a new *.INF file for each driver set (usually in the folder C:\Windows\INF\Other) and SHOULD copy the required driver files (usually *.sys files) to the system folder they needs to reside.  C:\Windows\System\IOSUBSYS is a folder commonly used for this.

This is about the closest you will be able to get to having a Win98 system that is able to identify and make quite a few different flash drives accessible.  When a user inserts a flash drive, it will be identified as new hardware and SHOULD automatically install itself by finding the *.inf file.  Sometimes though, you have to direct it where to find the driver file and usually it works if you tell it to look in your INF folder.  The next time that same type of flash drive is inserted, it should automatically be identified.

Incidentally, are you sure that your system is set to show all drives?  The usb flash drive should be assigned the next letter after the last drive (usually the CD-Rom or CD-RW drive).  The registry stores details of what drives should be visible in My Computer and Windows Explorer as a value named "NoDrives" in the key:

For example, the value:
tells it to hide all drives from I to Z

You should see the following registry values:


Probably the easiest way to ensure that all drives are visible is to install TweakUI 1.33 and tick all the boxes in the "My Computer" tab.

OR Right-Click the link below and select "Save TARGET As" to download:

It's a self-extracting zip file.  Once unpacked, RIGHT-Click on the file "tweakui.INF" and choose "Install".
This creates a new control panel icon to access it.

ChristieauAuthor Commented:
Thanks people.

I managed to get it working a wee while ago.

I really appreciate your help and will preserce your advice for future disasters.

Thanks again.
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