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Xbox Live on a 360, in a hotel room

I have an Xbox 360.  I am going to be in an Extended Stay for quite a while and would like to get onto Xbox live.  I have a crossover cable hooked into my laptop, which accesses the wireless internet in my room.  I have set that up with internet connection sharing.  

I do not have a live account as of yet.  When I try to join via the dashboard in my xbox, it tells me an update is needed for my dashboard before I can connect, so I choose yes.  Every time I do, it sits at about 5% complete for a few minutes, then says the update cannot be performed.

Since it knows I need an update, and since I fired up ethereal and saw that it got responses back from, I am fairly positive my xbox can see the internet.

Any ideas?
1 Solution
I think its becuase the rooter that is used in the hotel is not UPnP enabled, I think the xbox needs this to work.
slacksoftAuthor Commented:
According to:

*Disabling* UPnP on the router helps some people.  It seems from the comments on this and other sites that you can either do that or forward ports.

On another note, the company the hotel gets their internet from is globalsuite, and they have an option to assign your computer a "public" IP address, and they recommend running firewall software if you choose that option, which tells me that they make your computer a sort of DMZ if you choose it.  If this is the case, then port forwarding shouldn't be an issue.  This is all speculation though, I have only moderate networking experience.  I have that option enabled.
Is the wireless connection meetered in the hotel room??

This may be an issue with windows firewall port settings. Dont forget that the Xbox wont be seeing the Hotel router. It should only be seeing the Laptop 'ICS' as a router.
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slacksoftAuthor Commented:
I called the company that provides the internet to Extended Stay.  They said they are doing nothing to prevent my Xbox from connecting to Live (no metering, no port blocking, etc).  

I have tried to connect with my firewall turned off with the same results.  The Xbox connection settings appear to be set up correctly (IP, SNM, GW, DNS  

Again, it can connect and see that it needs an update, but the update itself fails.
As you say, i think the connection is fine, hence my comment about the metering, just seems that there is a problem with the live account. Could you try and update the Xbox from another internet connection? At leasy you might get it updated and be able to play in the room!! :-)
slacksoftAuthor Commented:
I solved the problem by getting a wireless adapter for the 360 and with the help of hotel IT I got it working on their network.  I played a game of Halo 2 last night.  It must have been some intracacy with ICS.

I will now go request that this question be closed.
Question closed - 500 points refunded.

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Hi. I work at the IT department at a hotel and usualy stay here for a few days. I also love using my xbox when in the hotel and found this work around for your problem. Our Wifi network has a splash page which has you agree to t&c and type in your room number, blah blah. The simplest way to connect is to use a laptop, authenticated thru the splash page, (type your room number, pay the charges, agree to t&c, etc.) and then find your mac address, go to your network settings in you XBOX and punch that in as an alternate mac address. The wifi network thinks its your laptop and that everything is ok and just lets you use the internet with no restrictions. This alwayss works for me.
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