How do other people do it?

Thanks for the help with my last question experts,but now I have a new one that is sort of related.
I have 4 sites and I have been trying to get them listed with Google & $MSN.
Here is what I have already done:

1. Added Meta-tags
2. Used (3) different software packages to post on all the search engines.
3. Asked a friend who has 100 people visiting his site a day to post an ad for me on his site.

What is really strange is one of the four sites got list on Google right away even before I had any Meta-tags on the page. The other (3) sites I keep posting each day with the (3) software packages I am using and when I go to Google "nothing" comes up.

I have been doing this a week now with no luck.
What do you experts reccomend?

As a side note:

I also have a idea that has not been ever used. I did hours of research on the internet and my community and "No One" has even come up with this idea. I tried it in my home town and in less than 3 days I made back my investment and I am now making a profit from the idea.

I know I can not cover the whole US with this idea so I was wanting to offer the idea on the internet for a price.

What do you recommend?
How can I share this new idea without people think this is just another scam?
How do I market this idea without someone stealing the idea?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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lexxwernConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Six months is rubbish. I've gotten listed onto Google many a time within a couple of days. Mainly through backlinks, and I do really mean *quality* backlinks. You can check out Text Link Ads to get good links, here's an article I wrote on my blog:
Meta tags have nothing to do with it.  People took advantage of them and most SEs don't review them.

Posting links on other websites - great,  Make sure that that website is not blacklisted as well though

Telling Google to list your website, not so good.  They might say you are spamming them.  Look at it this way - you are at home.  A call comes in asking if you have tried the new spaghetti sauce.  You say no, not yet.  Then they call the next night, and the next night, and the next night.  A bit irritating, right?  

A lot of those software packages also have actually been banned.  There was one software, (TP - although I cannot remember the full name of it) that Google banned it and all websites that used it.

A week?  Not long enough - it might take six months for you to get listed

1) Get backlinks
2) Use Google Sitemaps
3) Blog It
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With regard to backlinks, try to make them as naural as possible in there existance, google is getting cleverer and more cleverer on the way back links appear.

Sitemaps is good but it does not gain you rankings etc. Sitemaps is where you give G. information about your site to help its index.

Blogs and RSS are one to look for in the future, also posting articles and press releases.

vdavid23Author Commented:
All good answers, but really no one has come up with a unique idea that I have not already tried.

1. I have tried Blogs and such and they think I am spamming.
2. No one really answered my question to why one site out of four was listed and I did not even have anything setup but my main page.
3. (6) months is unexceptable when no one has this idea I am trying market.
4. Spam e-mail marketing is out of the question.
5. I have already tried "backlinks"

There has to be someone on this site who is hasing success in getting their sites listed and what their step by step method is that I can follow to get my sites listed and one of my ideas sold before someone else starts doing the same thing?

>>3. (6) months is unexceptable when no one has this idea I am trying market.

I have had sites listed in Google in two weeks, while others have shown up months later.  Make sure those backlinks are not in spam farms or in on websites that are blacklisted by Google.  It just takes a lot of patience.

You might take up some reading of Duz's posts on here as well as and Matt Cutt's blog as well

vdavid23Author Commented:
I am awarding the points to "Lexxwern" because he did give me an answer and a link to fix the problem.

Thanks for agreeing with me. There is no earthly way I am going to wait (6) months just to get posted on Google or MSN.

BTW, "Lexxwern" might you have any suggestions to how I can get posted on Google and why my one site got listed before my other (3)?
>> how I can get posted on Google

There's no way to guaruntee that. All you can do is do the basics right, which would briefly be as follows:
1) Get good original content
2) Get good backlinks
3) Submit to Google Sitemaps
4) Have a good navigational structure within your website

>> why my one site got listed before my other (3)?

Again.. I can't tell.  I can only guess and I guess that it would be one of the reasons above.
vdavid23Author Commented:
Thanks "Lexxwern" I have to admit I thought what you recommended would not work, but after going to Google and following the simple instructions on Sitemaps I got listed finally on Google.

This is wonderful!

I knew I did not have to wait (6) months if I got the right answer.
I am just surprised how easy it was.
All I had to do is add my domain name and get verified and when I woke up this morning and I did a google search all my information was posted.

Just on a side note, the other question I asked at the end of my post would you have an answer to that too.
You can answer that if you want too, but I am still wondering what to do there.

Here is my question again:

I discovered something by accident and I started doing it in my home town. I invested $60.00 into the idea and within 3 days I made that back and more. Now here is the problem, I cannot cover the whole US with the idea so I want to sell it online. The problem is I do not know how to market the idea. I want to sell the idea for $199.00, but I am not sure if that is too much?

I already put together a lot of information and a step-by-step guide to help people do the same thing and templates. Now the reason I want to sell it for $199.00 is if they charge for the service what I did which is $30.00 they will make that money back within days. So my question is "What would you do to market an idea like this?"

Also as a side note the idea is so simple I really don't know how to advertise it without giving the idea away in the ad?

Once again, if you want to answer these questions "Great" otherwise I really do appreciate what GREAT advice you already gave me.
I have no idea what you are talking about.. =) I can't recommend you a way to market a product, without knowing myself what I'ld be marketing in the first place..

You can experiment, it can always be a case study.. and if your product is good, it will catch on, eventually..
I understand your frustrations, the sitemaps can be great at times.  I was just trying to make sure that you knew that sometimes it will not work.  And sometimes it will work.

I have one site listed in Google and maintain that thoroughly.  And when I do a new website, that new link goes on my old site.  I have noticed that usually within a few weeks, Google has gone thru the new website.  

Sometimes it just takes hard work and patience - that was what I was trying to explain earlier.

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