Cannot connect to the Citrix server: The Citrix SSL relay name could not be resolved (SSL error 40)”

I am getting this error as I try to connect over the web through secure gateway.

I have this from Citrix already, but am not making much progress diagnosising which item is wrong.

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ok make sure IIS is running on that server..

by the way is this the same server as your web interface/secure gateway server? or do you have another server you used to generate your SSL certificate?

if it is the same server as the others it may be using another port so go into IIS and look at the websites you have running.  Find the one with the "certsrv" sub directory.
Please tell us if this previous paq covers your issue:

did you use your own certificate created in IIS?

If so this will fix your problem:

1. on your certificate server (the IIS server you used) browse to the following page: https://servername/certsrv/certcarc.asp
2. click "Download CA Certificate Chain" - save this file to your hard drive
3. now on the computer you are trying to connect to citrix with, get the file you downloaded above, right-click and choose "Install Certificate"
4. Click Next
5. choose "Place all certificates in the following store"
6. click Browse
7. choose Trusted Root Certification Authorities - click yes to any warning messages and finish
8. Now try to log into the CSG from that computer

You just need to do this because your computer does not yet trust the SSL certificate.
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Quadeeb2003Author Commented:
When I go to that web page, I get "That page cannot be found"  the page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
Quadeeb2003Author Commented:
Alright, I found it in default web site, I am guessing I am supposed to substitute default web site for 'server name' mentioned above.
Quadeeb2003Author Commented:
Thx mgcIT:
now I have to more issues for follow up:
1 cannot connect locally because: cannot connect to the citrix metaframe server: protocal driver error
2 now i cannot connect from the internet, cannot even ping my router

please look to 2 follow up questions for these.

...this is why i paid a citrix recommended company $200/hour to install my citrix, so I, a complete novice could spend all weekend trying to get this going.
I have had the same issues.  It is frustrating to realize with a relatively 'low' level of citrix experience, that we are at least as knowledgeable in this group than ALL of the supposed $200 citrix experts I have personally ever hired.  - gsgi

Quadeeb2003Author Commented:
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