IE 7 beta and IE 6 SP2 got screwed up


System is Windows XP SP 2 with IE 6. It has Norton Internet Security with 90-day Antivirus. Later on Antivirus got expired, but the Norton firewall is working fine. IE 7 beta 2 was installed successfully and started working fine. Then CA eTrust Antivirus was installed and that was also working fine.

Tried to install the Norton System Works 2006 with Nortom Ghost and Norton Antivrus. Installation went Ok, but when we restarted the system, Norton System Works was not responding, there was blank screen appearing on the monitor, tried to kill it but did not work.
Then cam to know about Norton is not compatible with IE 7 beta. Tried to uninstall IE 7 beta update, that even did not go thru well instead IE totally got screwed up. Now when I open IE it opens up but shows as IE 7 in the about, but no tab functionality, no internet connection etc. It completely got screwed up. No way to download windows updates.

Please help me getting back to IE6.

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callrsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can restore XP to a date before you installed either Norton System Works, or before you installed IE 7...     Use System Restore to Undo Changes if Problems Occur
I would do this from SAFE MODE, since in my brief experience with XP, the restore often doesn't work otherwise
IMPORTANT: Dont' have two anti-virus programs running at the same time! Besides slowing things down, that may cause problems. Either disable or uninstall (Control Panel -> Add/Remove programs) one. But if you System Restore to a point beyond all these installs, that may fix things...
(You may need to re-install IE6 after the restore, but I'm not sure)
Here's how to get to Safe Mode to start the restore process:
First of of all I would uninstall Norton antivirus. I have two HDs, one has SP1 and the other SP2 which I use as a learning tool. I install norton antivirus and then a couple of weeks later it did not work, The file was corrupted. I then tried to reinstall it and it would not accept the code. I talked to Symantec and they sent me another cd rom which also did not work.

I would also use system restore and go back to a date that the programs were not installed.

Having read notes on this URL about the quality of AVG, I downloaded the free copy and it works great with SP2

Norton Uninstall tool

The Norton uninstall tool uninstalls ALL Norton 2004/2005/2006 products from your computer. It also uninstalls Norton Ghost 10.0/9.0/2003.

Antivirus program free

Norton Antivirus remove tool.
It removes what Norton does not remove from the registry.

Next I would not use Windows firewall and instead use It like comparing a volkswagon beetle to a corvet. Besides it is free.

I would also use system restore and go back to a date that the programs were not installed.

VERY IMPORTANT BEFORE YOU DO A SYSTEM RESTORE - "disable the Symantec Resource Protection feature" to avoid getting ""Restoration Incomplete. Your computer cannot be restored . . . "
Details:     Message: "Restoration Incomplete . . . " when running Windows System Restore
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