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Thanks for posting.

I'm using yahoo for last 6 years.

Yesterday night, I  made a mistake... I gave my password to a site in GeoCities.
An old friend of mine messaged me with a website( which pretty much looked like yahoo with yahoo logo on it. The URL also had yahoo on it, it could be dummy parameter also, i didn't closely look into it.

I created my yahoo account long time back, and I forgot my secret question answer. I tried the password recovery tool but it didnt help, I emailed yahoo but they need the answer of the secret question. I have been emailing yahoo from the alternate email address but they are just not helping me unless I tell them the answer of the secret question. I even told them my previous passwords, previous email addresses, Y cant they email the password on the alternate email address or atleast close the account so that it cannot be misused. Please guide anyone
Any help or directions would be greatly appreciated!! I really need this help.

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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Any update?
Greetings, jain0380 !

There is no secret way to access your Yahoo account.  You have to contact Yahoo support and convinced them that you own the account.  Let them know of your setup and emails in the account, some info that only the real owner would know.

Best wishes!
There was an email a few days of a site that was stealing passwords of yahoo accounts. Apart from writing to yahoo support about what war1 had said mention the web address of the page where you entered the password. Use it to prove your case.
Free Tool: Site Down Detector

Helpful to verify reports of your own downtime, or to double check a downed website you are trying to access.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Reporting the incident & the website here may give you a chance to get your account back:     Yahoo! Help - Yahoo! Mail Help

"Yahoo! will never ask you for your password in an unsolicited email. You should report the incident to Yahoo!.
If you have already been tricked into giving your password, please use the contact form and supply as much detail as possible.

So to report your incident: Click the "report the incident " link there.

------General advice on yahoo password-stealing sites:     Yahoo! Help - Yahoo! Mail Help
"If you have received a phishing email asking you to verify and/or provide information regarding your Yahoo! account, please forward the email to We will investigate the email and take appropriate action. "

-----Re: "An old friend of mine messaged me"
It may not have been your friend that did this: sometimes spyware/virus on his computer auto-sends such messages.
Ask him to do a virus/spyware scan. (see info on this in the last post here:

-----New yahoo accounts:
Birth date, postal code, and secret answer are ALL needed EXACTLY as entered before. So when signing up for a  new account,  use values you know you won't  forget in case you ever need to reset your password.

----I think that's about all you can do here...Not also that ff the user got access to your account, the he/she can may also have changed the alternate email address to his/her own.  So I think we need better protection & better recovery options from yahoo.
Bad news, and you should tell yahoo this:
If user gains access to your account, he/she CAN CHANGE YOUR POSTAL CODE, (but not, it seems, your birth date or your secret answer)

That means, that you can't even use yahoo's password-reset feature!

I just tested this: I can changed my own postal code & then Yahoo won't let me recover my password without the NEW postal code!

In your new message to Yahoo using the form above, say that the postal code field should NOT be in the password-recovery page! Since an account thief can change it & thus make it impossible for the owner to recover the account! --> Yahoo says it's doing something about the scams. I think we, , by clicking the"Contact Us" link on that page, should pressure Yahoo to help victims better.
jain0380Author Commented:
I have tried hard to contact yahoo asking them to give me a chance to prove that is my account, but nothing has beend one.. I been emailing them almost a day.. I even tried to file a police report as account as sensitive financial information but still no crime has been committed , they are unable to help me.

All I can do is just sit and see some one else using my yahoo account as I cant remember my secret question answer.
If it's any consolation, the party that is using your account would have changed the secret question, alternate email addresses and had you even been able to remember the secret question, it would not have been useful.

Basic case of Identity Theft. What you can do is to list that address on so many mailing lists of all kinds so that the party which stole your account will eventually get fed up with it due to so many emails coming in to it. That is if you really really dont want the account back again.

I once had a situation where a yahoo groups was listing our internal domain addresses and sending emails. They were very helpful in reprimanding that yahoo groups account. I do not know why that your requests are being stonewalled.
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