Unable to send/receive mail from outside of domain, mail server setup

I'm not using exchange server but window 2003 ent. pop3-smpt service.  I do have it setup to be a domain control and a DNS server but they are not currently doing anything.  There is no mx record or class a record in the DNS.
The domain name is therealdl.com
I'm using www.zoneedit.com as a DNS server.
My ISP is SBC global and i do not have a static IP,so thats why i'm using zonedit.
My router is a d-link WBR-1310
SBC has blocked port 25 so i changed to 465 for smtp and have setup port frw on my router for 110 and 465. my mail server is part of a DMZ and dones't have a firewall installed on it

Everything Passes at http://www.dnsreport.com/tools/dnsreport.ch?domain=therealdl.com

I have two mail accounts setup, support@therealdl.com and tipps@therealdl.com and both can send mail to each other fine.

I have sent mail using telnet and it works
In outlook i can register accounts three different ways and all are successful.
The accounts pop3 and smpt can be setup as, therealdl.com, or DMAIL (computername) <--not sure why that one works
I don't receive any errors when trying to send to an outside account and do not receive any errors when trying to send from a hotmail account to a therealdl account??
The log looks like this
2006-06-10 22:54:35 tipps1 SMTPSVC1 DMAIL 0 +FROM:+<tipps@therealdl.com> 44 -
2006-06-10 22:54:35 tipps1 SMTPSVC1 DMAIL 0 +TO:+<j_tipps@hotmail.com> 32 -
2006-06-10 22:54:35 tipps1 SMTPSVC1 DMAIL 0 +<006801c68ce0$db0700b0$6501a8c0@tipps1> 123 -
2006-06-10 22:54:37 tipps1 SMTPSVC1 DMAIL 0 tipps1 62 -

I just can't seem to send or receive email from outside therealdl.com domain. No errors, no nothing.

Please some one help because I'm all out of ideas
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you setup a method to get email to go out via the alternative email service? Changing the port on your SMTP server will not help email delivery unless something is going to redirect the traffic to go on to the Internet on port 25.
You will need to configure a smart host on the SMTP virtual server to point at the alternative SMTP service.

j_tippsAuthor Commented:
Just set up an account at a remote location(location that isn't part of therealdl.com network) and everything seems to work ok as far as internal emails go.
I set up the account in outlook to use therealdl.com as the pop3 and smtp.
Just can't send or receive mail from a different domain?????ie. hotmail, yahoo
Still no errors in the inbox or in the mail server log, it just doesn't work???
Sending emails to and from any therealdl.com account works fine.

Man, i really need some help, any suggestion would be great
Hmm... I am not able to telnet to port 25 of your mail server (

This suggests some firewall is blocking access to that mail server (or server is down).

When you say that you were able to send mail using telnet, was that from outside your domain?
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j_tippsAuthor Commented:
Simon, if I understand you correctly that after the mail leaves my server, the traffic needs to be changed to use port 25 at sometime??
I don't really understand why I need to do that.  If that is right how do so many people use alterative port for mail but I have never heard of them having to us an alternative smtp service to in order to get the mail flowing correctly.

I guess I’m missing something?  Can you suggest a type of alternative smpt service?

r-k, SBC has blocked port 25 so i changed to 465 for smtp and have setup port frw on my router for 110 and 465. my mail server is part of a DMZ and dones't have a firewall installed on it

Thanks guys, this is a big help!
How are you expecting to deliver your email?
The rest of the world operates on port 25 for SMTP delivery. You can't just pick a port and use that and expect your email to be delivered.
As your ISP blocks port 25, the translation from port 465 to port 25 will have to take place off their network. The provider of the SMTP service should be able to do that for you, but you have to tell the IIS SMTP Server to send all email via that service provider.

I was testing the incoming (for you) mail. For that, port 25 on the server that is listed as your mx server must be open. In your case that server is listed as but apparently does not have port 25 open, hence no incoming email for you.

You can't change your incoming smtp port if you expect to receive email on that server directly from the outside world. If SBC has blocked incoming port 25 for you then either get them to unblock it, or use some other server for incoming mail, or have some other server as your mx server which can then forward the mails to you.
j_tippsAuthor Commented:
I thought the whole idea of alterative mail port was a type of port translation or switching standard.  
Why even setup up a mail server to use a different port then 25 if it won’t work to send mail using your own smtp service??
Anycase I’ll contact SBC and see if they will open port 25 for me.
Thanks for the help
Why do you think the ISP has blocked port 25? It is to stop people from running SMTP servers on their connections. If everyone could simply choose another port then there would be little point in blocking port 25.

If you are using a service provider who gives you a different port for inbound email, then you will have to use the same service to relay outbound email through. In many cases an inbound port 25 block would also mean an outbound port 25 block.

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