Automatically launching Custom ICA Connection from Program Neighborhood without Published App/Web Interface


We are looking to allow for our traveling users to connect to our Citrix Server while at Internet Kiosks, Cafe's and the like. We've tried using the ThinICA client and it works wonders...does exactly what we want it do do, save one thing.

We created the appropriate Custom ICA connection to get back to our servers here. What I'd like to do is have that ICA connection automatically launch when the program neighborhood launches. I've searched on the Citrix Forums and other knowledgbases, but with little success. I've looked at the PN.INI and APPSRV.INI files and didn't see a setting which allowed for this functionality. We don't have the web interface or any published apps set up and really don't have a desire to do so.

Is it possible? And if


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If you want something that automatically gets to your servers from any computer anywhere, it will need to be something the user takes with them (e.g. a USB key), or they will need to go to an address that you control. The first approach is fraught with problems (what if they forget it, or if the kiosk computer doesn't allow its use), so you are probably better off with them knowing a single simple URL. You can use the Citrix Secure Gateway or Access Gateway and assign it an easy-to-remember URL (e.g. where "" is your domain name that they know well because it is part of their email address). They can then type "" in most web browsers and get to your system.
seriochka1Author Commented:

I hear you, but we're also trying to combine this with (1) the need to occasionally carry documents AND (2) the fact that some kiosk computers, Internet Cafe computers will not allow a published app from a web interface or secure gateway to run (mostly because they don't allow the plugin install).

For us, giving folks a secured USB key, that requires a password to access and will erase the data when tampered with or lost. That seems a more likely scenario for our staff.

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