Itex ADSL PCI mdem - vista driver


Where can i find a working driver for my Itex ADSL PCI mdem under windows vista ?


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bhanukir7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
hi there

pls have a look at this driver this is free and u can download. I think this should work. but my sincere advise is to try to get a external dsl modem which would minimize the usage of ur computer resources as the internal pci cards try to utilize the memory and processor of the computer and that would need more resources.

This driver is for all the version of windows. Vista being a new OS it does not say it supports but there is not much change in the way the OS communicates with devices after windows2000 so i believe there should not be any issues

This is the link for the linux drivers hope this will also work

The company which made ur card is under liqudation so u would not get support from them and u have to look for alternate sources which may charge u for that. so the best possible thing is to check with these drivers the linux drivers has documentation on the same page so if that helps conitnue with this card or else better buy a new dsl modem which is external.

if this has been provided by ur service provider then they might be having the drivers.


Greetings, computech1 !

You need to find the model number of the modem and then locate the modem.  Windows Vista should have most modem drivers stored in its CD.

Use Everest to determine modem model and find the driver
Everest Home Edition
Everest Ultimate Editon Trial
Driver Magic

Best wishes!
computech1Author Commented:
Ok .. I checked the card via Everest Ultimate edition:

Device Description      Integrated Telecom Express RoadRunner 10 ADSL Adapter
Bus Type      PCI
Bus / Device / Function      2 / 12 / 0
Device ID      1471-0188
Subsystem ID      16EF-8903
Device Class      0280 (Network Controller)
Revision      11
Fast Back-to-Back Transactions      Supported, Disabled
Device Features      
66 MHz Operation      Not Supported
Bus Mastering      Enabled

any more help form this point ?
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Everest should suggest a download site for the drivers.  Here is one

Since Windows Vista is beta, try using Windows XP version.
computech1Author Commented:
Hi war1,

- Everest doesn't suggest a driver ... on my other network card it does .. not on this one.
- I tried the XP driver from your link .. isn't working
- The card is from Itex company and not Realtek as your link suggest.

Try using Driver Magic and see if it will find a driver for you.
>Where can i find a working driver for my Itex ADSL PCI

He He, Itex principals decided to pursue other interests long time ago.
You do not seriously expect them to fund driver development, do you?
computech1Author Commented:
Like some Linux drivers .. maybe a none official programer patch the driver for vista.

Any update?  If the Windows XP driver does not work in Windows Vista, then you will have a get a new modem that will support Vista.
callrsCommented:     ITeX Modem Drivers
"It proved far easier for me to buy an external job that worked as soon as I pressed the 'on' switch. However, it looks like other people have been more successful than I was. Here is the email I received (10 Feb 2004) that gives me the most hope that it's possible to get an ITeX-based Apollo2 modem to work..."

So email Itex to give you a driver, ebay/shop for another modem, or swap your modem with someone who doesn't run Vista...

: ()
computech1Author Commented:
I guess my only chance is to buy a new ADSL modem and make this PCI card a nice coffe holder.

Thank bhanukir7 for the info on the company .. I realy couldn't get an answer from them :(

my next choise will be D-Link or Syslink
hi there

before u buy any dsl modem, try to speak to the service provider, if u happen to be in US and in the 9 states where bellsouth is offering service, then they offer u a free adsl modem which is westell6001 which is a very good one. and that comes free if u signup for a year.

my advice is go for a isp which is also a telecom service provider as that would be very beneficial.

goodlook, revert back for feedback if required and if ur from india then u have different options too

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