Delete corrupted folder without format

I have a corrupted folder on my computer.  When I try to delete it, it says that the folder is not empty and that it is corrupted.

I have run chkdsk /f /r and it hasn't really done anything to help.  I've also run disc cleanup and defragmentation.  
Is there any way to delete this folder without formatting XP?  It's not an important folder (plugins for a program I've already uninstalled.)

Also, I think that it was caused by me abruptly shutting my computer off and turning it on multiple times yesterday (trouble with a video card.)  Is there a way to see if I've corrupted anything else?

NTFS by the way.
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I would try to remove the folder in safe mode. If this does not work then:
Now I would first try to reinstall the program.
Next goto the control panel and delete the program.
Next goto Windows Explorer and delete the folder if it is stili there.
If you cannot then right click the folder and see if it is a read only folder. If so, uncheck it.
Also there is no way of telling if a folder is corrupted without running the program in the folder.
Greetings, BradSk88 !

Use Killbox or Unlocker in Safe Mode to remove hard to remove folder or file.


Best wishes!
BradSk88Author Commented:
Okay, I've tried all of these
-uninstalled, tried to delete but got a "Cannot delete, the folder is not empty"
-unchecked the folder's Read Only property, tried to delete it and got the same message.  Checked properties and it was RO again.

I think I might be facing a format :(
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Does the folder have files inside?  Can you open the folder to delete the files?

Go to command prompt, navigate to the folder, go inside the folder in DOS, and delete the files.

Run the System File Checker to see if you have corrupted any other system files. Go to Start > Run the type sfc /scannow
If you cannot delete it from the GUI, try booting into cmd mode (F8 at startup and select it). Otherwise I'd probably use Barts UBCD Live boot CD), and delete if from there:

However to create this requires you to have an XP install disc.

and the associated:

Are also possibles enabling you delete the files from the live CD, or from a custom made windows boot floppy.

Please take a look at:

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I would try to delete it from external CD-based OS like ERD Command 2005, or recovery console.

To get into recovery console you need Windows XP CD, boot with the CD, then choose Recovery Console, logon using your Administrator account, so you need to know the password of the Administrator account.

Use DOS commands to navigate to the folder you want to delete, then use rd or deltree command to delete the folder, if it has files inside it, you probably have to use switch with the rd / deltree command to delete the files inside it too. Or simply go into the folder and delete the files first the backout and delete the folder.

Remember that you have to use " when changing directory to directory with spaces in file name, eg:

cd "Documents and Settings"
I'm going to accept Gonzal1's answer.  I ended up needing a format, but he gave me the answers that SHOULD have worked, and most importantly was first.

Boot disccs didn't help, nor did DOS commands.

Thanks a lot anyway guys.
Ryan_RIT Systems AdministratorCommented:
if you do a search in google for 'NTFS DOS' downlaod and set it up, then create a boot floopy disk and restart your pc with it in the drive, and start a dos prompt, the downloaded software allows you to access a NTFS drive in DOS, and hopefully you can delete it using the DelTree command.

ie deltree c:\myfoldername
Thanks for your consideration.
Instead of formatting I would make the C drive a slave
Purchase a new HD the same size as your present HD or larger.
reinstall the programs and data

First purchase a back up program Acronis True Image. Do not purchase Norton since it does not make a bootable slave drive.
!5 day evaluation: www.acronis True
Purchase when satisfied it at the following site which is half price than sold in the stores.

Purchase and install a slave drive one larger than the C drive. Doing this will allow you to use it as a C drive when you find yourself running out of room. Of course at that time a duplicate slave drive will be needed.

Download the following boot manager. It will upon booting present a menu allowing you to choose any drive on the pc.
It sometimes fails and then it boots directly to the C drive. At that time you just reinstall the program. It happens once a year.

With Acronis make a HD COPY of your C drive. As mentioned the process will make the slave drive bootable. This should be done on a monthly basis.

Make a folder called 'Database' for example. Under it put all your data files. On a daily basis, erase the folder from the slave drive and copy and paste the folder from the C drive to the slave drive.

Now if you have a failure, just reboot and select the slave drive and one then can continue working until there is time to recover the C drive.

When ready, just boot to the slave drive. Since Acronis is already available on the slave drive, just do a HDCOpy to the C: drive.

Now only thing that must be done is to reinstall any programs installed during the month.

Xp Pro is a very stable OS, but when it fails it takes longer to find the problem than win98.
It doesn't really make a big difference, I have all of my windows install files on C: and install my software, games, etc on different partitions.

I just didn't want to take the time to format.

Thanks anyway gonzal13.
( I'll give you the points as soon as an 'accept' button shows up :S )
I added the comment because of the problems I originally had when I installed xp pro. It got to the point because of the problems that I installed only the necessary programs to avoid reformating the HD.
Oh, if you would like, I have about 300 URLs on xp pro that I can zip to you. My e-mail address is on my bio.

BradSk88 and brad_sk88, are you the same person?
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