ODBC Client Interface unpacking error

hi all...

I am using php on Win2003 server to call a Pervasive database server, and got the following error message:

[Pervasive][ODBC Client Interface][Client LNA]
The ODBC Client Interface unpacking error.
Re-start your application, then access the data source again.
Contact your system administrator if you still need assistance.

$conn = odbc_connect("DRIVER={Pervasive ODBC Client Interface};ServerName=$host;DBQ=$db;","","");      
$sql = " select * from ECFIL001";      
$rowexec= odbc_exec($conn,$sql);
odbc_connect returns a successfully-connected message. yet the odbc_exec function gives the above error.

have checked the ODBC drive settings; Win2003 works fine with the local pervasive database; it is only when it connects to the database server on the local network.

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DarthModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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I have never seen that error.  What version are you using on the "client" and the "server"?  
Do you get the same error if you connect to DEMODATA and issue a "SELECT * FROM CLASS".  
One more thing.  Anything in the PVSW.LOG on the client or server?
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mudskipperwAuthor Commented:

i am using Pervasive v9.0 on both client and server.

my code works fine when i use the same database locally(i have also the database on client). it is whenever i connect to the Server.

and it used to work when i had win2000 on the client. however, i have changed it to win2003.

mudskipperwAuthor Commented:
mirtheil... i cannot see anything unusual from the log file.
I would REALLY suggest updating to at least PSQL 9.10 (or preferably PSQL 9.5).  

So if I'm reading this right, Win2000 works locally and remotely and Win2003 works locally but fails remotely.  Is that right?  
If so, and the remote server is the same in both cases the the problem is on the Win2003 machine.  
You might check for permission issues.  
Also, what's the values for:
mudskipperwAuthor Commented:
PSQL version is 9.10 on the remote server.

yes i only had this issure when calling the database remotely.

the remote server is only the database server. my php files are sitting on another win2003 server which is on the same local net work.
$host = "192.168.X.X" //ip address
$db is the database name.

the line odbc_connect is fine, i can even see a list of the tables.
but odbc_exec won't return anything!!!

Okay, wait a second.  
What is the EXACT version of W3ODBCCI.DLL and W3ODBCEI.DLL on both the client and the server?  
Is it 9.10.xxx? or is it 9.00.xxx?  
DEMODATA is automatically created by the PSQL install.  DOes it work?
Make sure you're specifying the DATABASE name and not the ODBC DATA SOURCE name for the DBQ parameter?  
mudskipperwAuthor Commented:
the server has got
the client has

odbc_exec() returns the same error to database DEMODATA.

i have specified the database name correctly, otherwise odbc_tables wouldn't return a list of tables to me.

i can see so far tables, but not be able to do any queries.
Okay.  The Client and Server really should be on the same version.  
Try uninstalling the 9.50 client and installing the 9.10 client.  Either that or update the 9.10 server to 9.50.  
Get them to the same level.
mudskipperwAuthor Commented:
i will try that. and see.
mudskipperwAuthor Commented:
the problem is solved updating both servers to SP2.
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