Missing free space??

I have a Thinkpad with a 40GB hard drive. It is nearly full...but I cannot find what is using about 10GB of space.

Roughly speaking here is where the space is going:

5GB to the Thinkpad recover partition
6GB to user files
5GB to OS and program files

I have run the Disk Cleanup routine...I have even done a Run %temp% to clear out hidden temp files

If I go into the C drive and select all of the folders and check the properties, it adds up to about 15GB.

I even tried this with View Hidden Files turned on.

What gives?? Is there an untility that will give me a report of all the contents?
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Is this a system drive?

... How big is the swap file ?
... Do you have System Restore enabled ?
... Are you accounting for the fact that a "40GB" drive (by drive manufacturer's terminology) is really only 37.25GB in "computerese" ?
... Are you viewing both hidden and system files ?

Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
... I think it's obvious from my comments; but just in case:  the swap file can occupy a significant amount of space; and System Restore will use a LOT of space -- depending on the parameters you've set for it.

Also ... Did you empty the Recycle Bin before checking your space ??
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
If you want to see more details about the space utilization, get the demo of this:
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IssaquahAuthor Commented:
Good ideas about system restore and the swap file. I will have to check those.
maybe you have another partition on there  (hidden)
did you do a chkdsk, and a defragmentation of the drive?
You might try ExplorerXP at http://www.explorerxp.com/ (it's freeware). It'll give you sizes of each folder on your hard drive (be patient, it took over 3 minutes for it to look inside my folders on a 120Gb drive). Knowing where it's going is a step in knowing why.

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Also look at the folowing:


These are hidden folders where backups are made to before installing windowsupdates and servicepacks, so you could uninstall such an update if it doesn't work. Normally one can assume the updates work when you have been running them for, say, 2 or 3 weeks, so after that you won't have to restore an old version. So you can delete these folders that are older than the above time frame. This can use up quite a lot of space. Another thing you should check if you have norton recycler installed. Clearing the standard recycle bin doesn't clear norton's version, so also clear that.
Sorry, forgot the $:

IssaquahAuthor Commented:
Well...none of these worked...but thanks for the ideas
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Did you install TreeSize?   ... and did it have an inaccessible folder other than the System Volume Information folder?   (specifically, did it show an "RRbackups" folder ??)

... if so, I can tell you exactly what the issue is here ==> post another question about this and include the details from TreeSize.   If you want me to look at it, send me an e-mail (address is profile) -- as I don't often look for new questions in this topic area (or just post the question in Hadware and I'll see it).

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