i still get pops and im using panicware free popup stopper

i never got pop ups when i was using panicware free popup stopper but now i am?
what do you think i should do?
please help! thanks!
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Todd_BunchConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Spyware is improving and harder and harder to get off an infested machine.

Hijackthis is a great tool but it requires users input and if you don't know you don't know.

Microsoft Defender is good and free
Ad-Aware is very good and also free

In the case of the last system I worked on it was so infested that it took Norton's, Microsoft Defender, Ad-aware and ultimatley Spyware Doctor to clean the system. I had to spend the 30 bucks to get the system cleaned from THE BEST OFFER spyware. nasty stuff.

Interesting tid bit, with everything cleaned using Hijackthis, defender, and ad-aware all reporting nothing else on the machine Spyware Doctor found another 612 items and cleaned then off the system and now it is finally clean.

Popups usually mean spyware. Run some scans:


Another useful thing to do is to turn off the Messenger service (this is not MSN Messenger):


Good luck!
shtoomAuthor Commented:
yeh ive done all that!
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shtoomAuthor Commented:
and im using firefox mozilla
shtoomAuthor Commented:
the messenger service in administrative tools doesnt exist..
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Hello there,

Try using the Google Toolbar. It has a built-in popup blocker.


Hope this helps
You have popups because you may have malware in your system,
instead of blocking them eliminate them.

Let us look at your hijackthis log.
Please download HijackThis 1.99.1
Open Hijackthis, click "Do a system scan and save a logfile" don't fix anything.
Notepad will also open, copy its contents and paste it to either these sites:
then at the bottom left corner click "paste"
Copy the address/url and post it here:

Or paste the log at --> http://www.hijackthis.de/ 
and click "Analyse", click "Save".  Post the link to the saved list here.
I have used Microsoft's Defender successfully.  It's a free tool from Microsoft that elminates the symptoms you described.
Direct link is here:  http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/spyware/software/default.mspx

I hope this steers you in the right direction.
Also, a good antivirus would help as well.  We use Symantec Corporate Edition but I personally like "Antivir".  It is a free fully functioning Antivirus.  Direct link is here:  http://www.freeav.com/

I wish you the best in luck as I know how frustrating this can be!
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I was at work.
The Messenger Service most certainly does exist, as the Microsoft Kb article I posted describes.
If you click on start - control panel - administrative tools - services you will be confronted by a list of services which can run under Windows XP. This list is alphabetical. If you do not see it between "Logical Disk Manager Administrative Services" and "MS Software Shadow Copy Provider", then you should consider the possibility of corrupted system files.
Chapter and verse on XP Services can be obtained here:


Black Viper's site is a great source of info on XP Services, and much more...

You don't specify exactly what kind of popups you are getting, but if they are blue grey boxes in the middle of your screen which look a bit like a Windows message, and they say something like : "Warning!!! Your computer is seriously infected. Click the button below to scan for spyware!!!" then they will not go away until you turn off the Messenger service, no matter how many scans you run.

"...yeh ive done all that!.." If that is the case, then rpggamergirl's advice to download and run Hijack This is something you should do immediately.
Post the scan log at the link she gives you, and click "analyse" and then "save"

Once again, good luck!
er...you are running Win XP aren't you?
There are probably so many tools out there that many people wouldn't know where to start. Anyway, here are my favorites:

Mozilla Firefox (Built-in popup blocker).
Lavasoft Ad-Aware.
Spyware Blaster (Prevent spyware / malware in the first place, disable active ones).
Acronis Privacy Expert.

And there are so much more.
bbrunningConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SpywareSpyware Blaster has spyware built into it

Also most free popupblockers are fake and cause problems. Besides, the main reason you're getting so many unwanted popups is because you either have spyware on your computer or you are going to sites that promote and inject it into your PC.

Best bet:

spybot Search and Destroy
Windows Defender

Run all 3 of those after updating and see if it's any better.
Also check out housecall.antivirus.com and run trendmicro's free scan utility
rpggamergirlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Let us look at your Hijackthis log, it is the best malware diagnostic tool.

SpywareSpyware Blaster has spyware built into it<<

That is a misconception towards SpywareBlaster's database. It's database consists of bad urls that it puts into IE's restricted zones.
In order for SpywareBlaster to protect IE it has to have a database of bad urls to protect against with, similar to antivirus's virus definitions.
That's why SpywareBlaster can protect you without the program running in the background because IE already have those database in its restricted zones.

I understand what spyware blaster does, but numerous times I've had to remove that program from client's computers to get the spyware and popups to stop infecting their PC's

Just a note from personal experience...not from their database

It is also my personal experience I'm basing it with, :)

I have SpywareBlaster and it works really well for me, especially I very much rely on its database when I'm checking entries in people's Hijackthis logs.

SpywareBlaster is not to blame for spyware/popups infecting people's pc that's for sure.
Good morning. Did you run HijackThis yet? Please do, it will help to discover the source of these popups.
In my personal experience I do not believe Spyware Blaster has "spyware built into it" - as rpggamergirl says, its database is a very useful tool. I have had to remove numerous programs from client's computers which were purporting to be spyware scanners but were in fact malicious. Spyware Blaster is not one of them.
Tell me, do you run any P2P filesharing software? Limkewire; Winmx; KaZaA; Bearshare; that kind of thing?
These programs can expose you to all sorts of adware and potentially malicious software. If you do, I would recommend keeping your downloads somewhere other than inside the software itself (to minimise being hit for uploads) and to be careful about clearing temp. files. (Run - %temp% - delete all contents).

Good luck!
shtoomAuthor Commented:

and should i delete everything in the temp folder?
phototropicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Congratulations, your HJT log appears to be clean.
Cleaning out the %temp% files is a good idea. Either do it manually or use a third party utility. Cleanup is good:


You'll discover just how many temp. files are scattered about on your HDD.
You should consider installing SP2 (which disables the Messenger service by default). Download here:


SP2 may make a difference.
shtoomAuthor Commented:
well its only a few small pop ups which my pop up stopper should stop....
i dont have messenger server in my service options so i cant disable that but i dont think im getting those pop ups
I checked your HJT log and it looks clean. Did you install SP2? Did it make a difference?
Is your problem resolved?
How did I miss this?
Sorry I didn't even see the log.
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