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Hi Gurus,

When I make a query in Siebel list applets, I want to avoid the 'LIKE' and '*' being appended to my query string. Hence I looked in Siebel supportweb and came across this FAQ:

FAQ 2256: How Can You Disable the Automatic Trailing Wildcard in a Query?  

Siebel suggested to add the hidden parameter

AutomaticTrailingWildcards = FALSE

under the [SWE] section in uagent.cfg. I did this but there is no effect.

Can anyone help please.

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CetusMODConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PAQed with points refunded (100)

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JekubIT DirectorCommented:
What type of client are you using? Are you connected to the server or running locally?

It sounds like the problem is that you've set the value in the wrong place.

venkatraman_rAuthor Commented:
Everything is right, except for the solutions from siebel.

The actual syntax is

AutomaticTrailingWildcards = FALSE (this worked)

and NOT

AutomaticTrailingWildCards = FALSE (Siebel suggested this..NOTE THE Upper 'C').

I found it myself..Thanks for your help and time anyway :-)

venkatraman_rAuthor Commented:
Can the Administrator close this and return the points to me please.

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