Unable to access shared folder in a network.

I have been trying to solve this problems for days but in vain.

I have 5 PCs. Two are running on win xp home. The rest are running on win xp pro.

4 out of 5 PCs are able to access a shared folder successfully. (username and password are required)

Only one PC which is running on win xp pro refuses to access the folder. Access is denied.

Anyone knows why? I have tried disabling the windows and norton firewall but something is prevented user from accessing the shared folder. I am able to ping the computer name where the shared folder is resided successfully. i can also able to access one of the default shared folder, which does not requires login, successfully.
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GhostModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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what happen sif you run \\computername or \\IPAddress
dandeliondreamAuthor Commented:
i am able to "see" the shared folder and shared printer.
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ok good connectivity is all fine then, you need to check the permissions on the share, also make sure you have identical accounts on each machine
is the one that isn't working not have a password or a unique username?

With XP Pro, you  need to be logged in to "client" PCs with a Userid/pwsd that matches an Account set up in the "host" PC.

     --> By default, a user account is created with no password.  This means the user may sit down locally at the XP machine and log on without entering a password.
     --> However, by default, Windows XP will not permit a network user to access the XP machine using an account set up without a password!

   Permitting Network Access an XP Pro box w/o a Pswd
   Go to Control Panel | Performance and Maintenance | Administrative Tools | Local Security Policy.
   Expand Local Policies | Security Options.
   Double-click Accounts: Limit local account use of blank passwords to console login only, which is enabled by default. Disable this option and click OK.
   * This will permit network access without a password. The user's computer can boot directly to the Windows desktop, and be validated against the corresponding XP Professional user account, without a password.
dandeliondreamAuthor Commented:
Hi Jay Jy70,

Thanks but the rest do not need an idential accounts on each machine to access so why does i need to create an account for that 'problem' machine?

and FriarTuk,
User must enter userid/pw to gain access.

Hi All,

Probably, i can give a clearer picture of what's going on. Hopefully someone can help. Under the shared folder, share permission is given to only one account. e.g staff. Under security tab, 'everyone' can gain access.
Right now, all 4 machines can access the shared folder, a dialog box pops up. User must enter userid as 'staff' and password as '18965443'.

One of my PCs cannot access that shared folder. Access is denied. However, it is able to access a default shared folder(w/o pw).

Any clue?
is the staff account set up on all pc's with a pswd & as either Power User or Admin?
do the users log into their pc's using their own acct + pswd (any do so without a pswd)?
do they then access the share like \\server\share which prompts for the permitted user staff + pswd?
dandeliondreamAuthor Commented:
Hi FriarTuk,

yes, the staff account is set on all PCs. 'staff' account is an administrator.
no, all PCs cannot access without userid and pw.
yes, they access using \\server\shared folder and a dialog box pops up to request for userid and pw.

for #2 i meant when they boot up & log into the pc, do they use a userid/pwd other than Staff & does each person have their own?

try recreating a new user on pc5 as an admin & delete the old user
dandeliondreamAuthor Commented:
no, all PCs use the same user id 'staff' and pw to access the shared folder.

i tried but it din help at all. Wonder what i miss out?
"no, all PCs use the same user id 'staff' and pw to access the shared folder. "

your getting confused,
i didn't ask about accessing the shared folder, i asked what usr/pwd do they use to log into windows with after powering the computer on
    1) does each user on each pc have a different windows usr/pwd  OR is each pc logged into using the same account & pswd?
    2) also for each user on each pc do they all sign on to windows with passwords or does it just log in them automatically using the default user?
    3) you said all 5 pc's use "staff + pwd=18965443" to access the shared folder -> are they prompted for a usr/pwd or does it just let them in because the usr/pwd is the same as their windows usr/pwd

plz verify the following:
A) all 5 pc's are members of the same workgroup (2 are xp hm, 3 are xp pro, problem pc #5 is xp pro)
do this: Cntl Panel - Sys prop's - Computer Name tab - make sure the Workgroup name is the same on all PCs.

B) all 5 pc's have similar netwk settings using dhcp or static ip addr, using same gateway, subnet, & dns
do this: start - run - cmd - "ipconfig /all" on each pc - post results in similar format:  pc#  ipadd  gatw  subnet
dandeliondreamAuthor Commented:
Hi FriarTuk,

Thanks for replying. I manage to get someone to fix the problem for me. Thanks for your help anyway.
no problem see here for closing-> http://www.experts-exchange.com/help.jsp#hi71
in order to get a refund you need to post the solution here
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