launch progr by typing abbiviation

Example: note pad will be launched by typing N+P (simultaniously)
              partition magic----------------------- P+M...
Is there any software like that?
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 You can try the following programs



Launchy (this one is also a "Application Launcher" but i`m not sure if you can set keyboard shortcuts).
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
You could create a shortcut in the windows menu, and encode it with <Windows Key>+<N>  resp +<P> for example.
Like <Windows Key>+<E> starts the Explorer, <Windows Key>+<R> starts the Run command etc
Historically, hardware design of keyboards does not allow the pressing of more than one *letter* simultaneously.  Now that technology has improved there may be some mileage in your idea, but it means redesigning the innards of the keyboard, and the keyboard driver too.  In your idea, it is best if the keys are not pressed simultaneously though, but one key leads the other fractionally (as when you do Alt F4 for example, the Alt key is pressed and held down).
Err sorry the program name is Hotkeys the company name is qliner.
Hello binocular222,

1)You can do this by first creating a windows shortcut for the application you want to launch (for example NOTEPAD).

2)Then rename the windows shortcut here say NP.

3)Then copy the shortcut to windows or WINNT directory.

4)Now to launch the program,

5)From RUN command, type NP and now the required application launch.

To create a windows shortcut, from desktop rightclick->new->shortcut->type the application name with path->type the shortcut name->finish.

for invoking RUN command,
Press <WINDOWS KEY> and then followed by <R> key.

I hope you understand this.


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