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Posted on 2006-06-12
Last Modified: 2010-04-15

I am new to C and I have the following data file. I need a simple C program to read this data file. the program should skip the hearders ( first 4 lines) and read the average only.
Can somebody help. Thanks


Yearly rain
agent: a300
area 12as
date    Average
Jan     1.345
Feb     1.566
Mar     0.700
Apr     1.200
May     1.000
Jun     2.000
Jul     1.820
Aug    1.530
Sep    2.121
Oct     2.433
Nov    2.777
Dec    3.000
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Check out fscanf :

and especially the format types you can use with it. There's also an example at the bottom of that page.

To skip certain parts, look at the * modifier.
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I'm not sure if this is a homework question, I assume it is not. So
here are my takes on it.
Write function to skip reading over lines till some limit, as I see the lines to ignore are here 5 not 4.

Reading a line from a file then can be done with a combination from fgets and sscanf.

putting it together (without any error handling)
and without the latter function (IMHO you should try first)
#include <stdio.h>

enum {SOME_LIMIT=512};

void skip_lines (FILE *fp, int lines_to_skip) {
  char dummy[SOME_LIMIT];
  char *pc = NULL;
  int i = lines_to_skip;
  do {
    pc = fgets(dummy, SOME_LIMIT, fp);
  } while (i > 0 && pc);

int main(void){
  char *file_name = "t1.txt";
  FILE *fp = NULL;
  int i_rval = 0;
  int i = 1;
  double avg;

  fp = fopen(file_name, "r");
  if (fp){
    skip_lines(fp, 5);
    while ((i_rval = read_next_average(fp, &avg)) > 0) {
      printf("avg on line %d (+ 5) = %g\n", i, avg);
  return 0;

I got the following output:
avg on line 1 (+ 5) = 1.345
avg on line 2 (+ 5) = 1.566
avg on line 3 (+ 5) = 0.7
avg on line 4 (+ 5) = 1.2
avg on line 5 (+ 5) = 1
avg on line 6 (+ 5) = 2
avg on line 7 (+ 5) = 1.82
avg on line 8 (+ 5) = 1.53
avg on line 9 (+ 5) = 2.121
avg on line 10 (+ 5) = 2.433
avg on line 11 (+ 5) = 2.777
avg on line 12 (+ 5) = 3

That looks quite reasonable to me.

So now you just have to implement the function read_next_average.
It's prototyp is
int read_next_average (FILE *fp, double *avg);
As you see return value = 0 implies some sort of error.

So go for it

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Ah - didn't realize it was homework. I'll watch out for that in the future!
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Not fair - you deleted my response!

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