Groupwise database corruption?

Sister company installed new server, renamed and re-IP'd.  Caused issues with one seconday post office.  got that fixed and back up and running.  However, when we tried to add user about a week later, could not add, delete or modify users.  Always got Pending Operations and nothing would go through.  Over weekend, did a rebuild of Groupwise system according to procedures on how to rebuild groupwise from top.

About 18 hours later, secondary MTA's start bouncing intermittently.  Servers get Groupwise Language Resource DLL encountered a problem and had to close.  Some mail goes thru to some of the secondaries.

Am running a GWCHECK standalone on 1 secondary now.  It appears from my inet research that should solve issues.  Does anyone have any other suggestions?  
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Hope they didn't rename and re-IP all in one step.

I would suspect that ConsoleOne is still pointing at the OLD server name for the location of the WPDOMAIN.DB database.
How 'bout some versions and platform info -  What GroupWise version/SP? On NetWare or Windows or Linux? What version/SP of OS? How is the GW system designed, i.e. how does their GW connect to your GW - same domain, different domain, link configuration, etc.  If NetWare, same tree/different tree, partition&replica scheme, etc.
rtgarrAuthor Commented:
Sorry, was in a rush, trying to find solution.  It was Groupwise 6.5, running domain on Netware 5.1 SP7, and post offices and secondary domains on Windows 2003.  I ended up calling Novell and recovering and rebuilding the system from the top down.  When it was converted to Windows, there were some configuration errors made and then the new server name/IP pretty much finished it off.

So we're all good here.  I was just hoping I didn't have to rebuild everything, but I did.  On some the dictionaries were corrupted, so I couldn't even rebuild, had to fudge around with those, replacing .dc files and such.
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