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Silly question ----
Is there a way to retrieve the office assistant that we used in Office 2000 to be used in Office 2003?  We used, and were quite fond of "Einstein".  The replacement "Merlin" just doesn't cut it!  Any ideas?
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p912sConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I remembered I have an old notebook with Office 2000 in the closet. Copied genius.acg and genius.acs from that to my desktop running Office 2003. I have placed them in the same directory as the others "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11" but it didn't show up when you select a character.

So I renamed F1.ACG and F1.ACS to F1.ACG.OLD and F1.ACS.OLD and then renamed GENIUS.ACG and GENIUS.ACS to F1.ACG and F1.ACS and now he's there in place of F1....

Probably a registry edit to add other characters to the list but this worked...
Office Assistant characters are *.acs files. If you still have a computer running Office 2000 I would think you could copy the *.acs file (not sure of the actual name, but they are simple like "rocky.acs" for the dog) to the same location on the computer running Office 2003 where the *.acs files are.

Since you own Office 2000 and 2003 I would think this would be ok.... Haven't trtied this because I no longer have Office 2000 installed anywhere so I'm not sure how you select the character once it's copied?

Hopefully this will help.
>>>(not sure of the actual name, but they are simple like "rocky.acs" for the dog)
u know d name and u have talked abt d same in ur 2nd reply

and if u wanna play wid registry editor for this den have a look at following link
this with respect to office 97 ,i m not sure whether it will work wiith ur version of office or not
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Yes I'm aware Einstein = Genius, I figured that out after I started the old notebook. Funny most of the other actors were the same but they changed that one....

Thanks for the link for the registry edit...
eva623Author Commented:
I haven't been able to get this to work....  I did have another computer with Office 2000 installed where I could copy the genius files and followed your instructions but no luck
then I found this site:   where I could download the genius files -- but still can't get it to work.
What doesn't work?

Did you place the two genius files in the Office11 directory?

Did you rename them to F1 so they take the place of your orignal F1 character?

And then open Word and start the assistant and select the genius which shows up as F1 when you are selecting the new assistant.

Again, what doesn't work? I remembered my old notebook, started it up, copied the files, did exactly as I outlined above and posted back to you and there was only 15 minutes between my posts, so it was fairly quick and simple....
eva623Author Commented:
First of all, when I went to the office 2000 installation to get the genius files, there was only one. (and yes, I searched for hidden files as well)   When I went to the website I listed above there were two so I took them both.  When I replaced the F1 files (after renaming the old ones) and then launched word, it told me the office assistant was corrupt and needed to be re-installed.

I won't give up though --- I'll try again as soon as time permits.  I just figured it wasn't meant to be.  But if you got it to work in office 2003 then maybe there's still hope.  thanks
Did you search for Genius.* on the computer with Office 2000 installed? If you open Word on that computer doest in fact have Einstein as the assistant? Mine didn't until I asked it to be installed and then it was there...
eva623Author Commented:
I thank you most humbly.  I had indeed searched for genius on the computer where 2000 was installed.  But I'm guessing something was wrong with the files I found.  Today I went to a different machine and copied the files again and presto chango, here is my little friend with his coffee mug a winkin' at me.  Thanks!
You're welcome, glad I was able to help.
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