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Could someone help me in this, I had this antivirus installed on my laptop and it was infected with virus. when i try to use to liveupdate, it prompt tat i need to get online to download the updates. i was already connected to the internet but liveupdate told me tat i wasnt connected to the internet. does anyone know how to solve this problem without having to format the whole thing which i am doing now. please advise, thank you.
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younghvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can get an excellent 'on-line' scan without installing another AV program.
Go here: Please run a free online virus from
Choose "Complete Scan" and select all drives to scan.

Delete anything it finds.

Do the HOSTS file fix I described above.

Manually update your Symantec product (using the IP address if you have to).

Reboot into Safe Mode (tap the F8 key during boot-up) and do a full system scan with Symantec while in Safe Mode.

Reboot to normal and cross your fingers.

Good Luck,
otyewAuthor Commented:
and i suspect that the virus changed my registry which i think has disabled the liveupdate. does anyoen has any 'dictionary' on the registry? i mean registry listing n it's functions?
There are a few versions of malware out there that will 'hijack' your web browser and prevent you from going to anti-virus websites.
One way around that is to do a 'tracert' of the web site 'name' you want, and then type in the IP address in your browser bar.
For example, Symantec/Norton updates can be obtained at:

Good Luck
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kevinf40Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It would also be worth checking your hosts file as a common trick is to add settings to that so that AV software etc cannot connect to the web.


I use this website ( to replace the HOSTS file on every computer I repair.
Properly managing your HOSTS file should be a bedrock of security for every computer out there.

A side benefit is the exceptional speed up of connectivity to most websites - plus you can edit it to add the IP addresses of your personal 'Favorites'.
otyewAuthor Commented:
no, i can access to the internet but antivirus program unable to access to the server.
otyewAuthor Commented:
btw, how do i use the .bat program? i jus double-click it and it will restore everything back to normal?
r-kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That should work. The somewhat better way is to open a Command Prompt window (Start -> Run -> cmd -> OK)
and then type the name of the command file at the prompt:

 > cd c:\temp
 > hosts.bat

if the file is namked hosts.bat and is in the folder c:\temp

That way you will get feedback on success or failure.
Regarding this comment: "btw, how do i use the .bat program? i jus double-click it and it will restore everything back to normal?"
After you install the new HOSTS file (yes, by double-clicking the .bat file) you can open it with 'NOTEPAD' and look at how it is stuctured.
It is simply a listing of the most common IP addresses associated with the sites most frequented (prevents your computer from having to do a 'DNS Look-up' based on the web site Name). This really speeds up you browsing access.

It is also updated about once a month (you will receive an email notice) to identify and prevent access to known 'Bad Guy' sites out there.
Stick with this HOSTS concept and you will be truly putting a nice chunk of defense between you and the bad guys out there.
If you want to update your virus definitions to scan for the virus you can do thi manually by using Intelligent Updater from Symantec.  Here is the link:

This is usually a rather large file (approx. 13 mb) but it will update all of your definitions.

If antivirus cannot remove the threat, there are two utilities that you may find useful.  One is hijackthis:

This Utility will show potential spyware, but be cautious, because it will also show you legitimate files and processes as well.

The other is MSCONFIG.  In windows XP you can type this command into the run dialoge and it will bring up a utility that will show what process and services are set to run at start up.  You can de-select any program that might be malicious.

Lastly, after you download the definitions you can go to symantec's site and search for the specific threat.  There will e a document on how to remove the threat on their site.
The problem with 'Hijacking' malware is that it "re-directs" any attempts to access Symantec (or any other AV/Security web-site).

If you Google the phrase "hijacked hosts file" you will find out a great deal about the process.

Good Luck,
otyewAuthor Commented:
the problem is the antivirus did not show any sign of virus attack when i manually update the virus definition. and then, i did not see any illegal processes at the back, i tried system mechanic to scan  but still nothing.

maybe i should try to use hijackthis program, and tell u all the outcome.
Yes, goos idea to post the HJT log:

Download and run HijackThis from
Copy-and-paste the resulting log back to that same web site (not here)
Click on "Analyze", and then click on "Save Analysis" at the bottom of the next page.
Finally post a link here to the saved analyzed page.

Before that, you may want to download and install lusetup.exe from and see if that fixes the Live Update problem.
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