How can I integrate Pop3 with exchange then migrate off

Here is my situation:

I have an external ISP providing email to our company through our domain name, for example:   I've setup an Exchange Server 2003 with an internal domain of 'businessname.corp' (I would have used .local knowing what I know now but that is another story).  I can get email on and off the exchange server from several clients with no problem.

So now my plan goes like this:

1.  Setup a clients so they can check the current pop3 account through exchange server. This also involves user names, logons and passwords to the external POP3 account are different.  I'm not sure how to handle that.  At the same time I'd also like to set it up so that the data is stored on the exchange server instead of the client workstation.

2. After all clients have been setup and tested, we will have the ISP change the '' name resolution to point to the IP address of our exchange server.  It is hoped that while the name resolutions are changing over that the ISP will relay the emails to our exchange server using the IP address. After 72 hours or whenever the names finish changing over we would no longer have need for the ISP email server.

3. Ideally we would like this to be accomplished in such a way that we only have to configure each client one time.

What steps do I need to take to reach my goals here?

Thanks a bunch in advance!
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ExchgenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use software like popbeemer. In this software you can import a list of user names from the ISP and map them to the required users in exchange so this way you are telling exchange to deliver emails to the right mailbox.

Hope this was all you where worried about...

I feel for now you can buy a POP email retriver or use a sharware version and change the MX to point to your exchange server.

Emails that are alread on the client system needs to be added to a PST and you can use those PST and merge it to the users exchange mailbox using exmerge.

bizcrown101Author Commented:
Thanks for the fast reply!

When you say "buy a pop email retriever"... is that something I would put on the server or would I need to install that on all 75 client workstations?   Would this allow me to avoid configuring client workstations until after the email is in house and working under POP3? That would be ideal if there was a way to do that.

To be honest I'm probably less concerned about getting the PST on the server... that can wait until I've made sure that users can get their email.  I thought there was something in the recipient policies that would allow me to configure exchange server to integrate with the external pop3.  

Thanks a bunch for your help!
Hey you are right....

You really don't need to install anything on the client end, this will take care of all the email retrival on the server end...

The clients need to connect to the exchange server and thats it...

bizcrown101Author Commented:
Thanks for the help... The problem is that I'm still very rusty on the details.

I have figured out how to add as a receipient policy for SMTP.

The struggle though comes down to having user names that are different. For example I have a an emaill address that is but the user name is joe on the businessname.corp exchange server.  The passwords are also different as well.

How do I tell exhange server that for a particular user (ie joe) that I need to use POP3 user name of joesmith and with a specific password?  Or is that even possible?

Thanks again!
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