best gaming videocard for less than 300 CHF from


actually I have an ATI Radeon 9800 pro (AGP) 128 MB ram. I want to change it because

1) it makes too noise
2) I would like to have an updated card to play the actual games, such as F.E.A.R., Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Quake 4...

What is the best AGP gaming videocard that I can find on this (Swiss) shop for less than 300 CHF (Swiss francs)? > Graphiccards

If you know hardware shops where I can get a better videocard for the same price (the maximum I can spend, shipping to Switzerland included is 200 USD (I took in consideration custom taxes).

I was thinking at this one ( ) but I'm not a hardware guru, so maybe you can suggest me something better. Maybe a card with less ram but with more power would be better for games...?

Please provide me (if possible) links to benchmarks/comparisons where I can see that the card you are suggesting me is well placed. Thanks for letting me know.
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I recently got a Radeon X850XT for less than US$200, so I would look at that.  Here's an AGP video card comparison that was done not too long ago:
firepolAuthor Commented:
Can you have a look at the shop I gave the URL?

I found there this one:

The chipset is only "x850", not "x850XT". And the price is 319.90 CHF = 260 $ USD. I guess the "XT" makes the difference. 260 $ for a non XT I don't think it's a good price. I will take a look on ebay, as i bought my actual one on ebay on January 2005 ;)

What about nvidia cards? Is ATI cheaper but still good? I may use it also under linux and i heard nvidia is better supported under linux...

Please try to browse the cards on that shop and tell me if there is something good, else I'll have to search on ebay.

Thank you

I would not buy a videocard from ebay. The above cards are very powerful and will perform very well, gaming. The prices are very well reasonable as the pci express technology is most preferred at the moment. These cards used to be over $300. Now half price. I would prefer nvidia over ATI. If you have an nforce2 or 4 motherboard then definetely go with an nvidia chipset.

also read these previous discussions on videocards :)
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If you looking at linux, i would seriously suggest NVIDIA. More so if you are looking at using any extra functions of the card such as TV Out as these are supported by NVIDIA written drivers for linux.
The store doesn't have a wide selection, but the 6800 may be the best it provides for your budget.
This is beginning to look like a side trip into the ever raging battle over ATI and nVidia.
firepolAuthor Commented:
Purple_Sky: has nice prices, but it doesn't seem to be available to ship to Europe.

In fact if you try to register an account you can select only a USA state. Some US shops (usually the ones with the best prices) do not ship to Europe. Why? Boicott Europenas or what? ;-)

If one of you can find a "workaround"* for this, it would be nice. That's why I was considering ebay, as I bought my ati 9800 for a very good price (and fair shipping, such as 15/20$, not 40/50$ shipping as some ebayers ask to ship oversea!) from ebay.

*in example you can buy it and ship it to me and you get a commission for the service ;-)

About ATI vs. NVIDIA i don't think we need a religion war. At the end I think I will see the price, the performance and buy accordingly. I don't care if it's an ATI or an NVIDIA, I'm looking for the best performance/price combination.
Directron ships international:
firepolAuthor Commented:
Callandor: are you sure it ships inernational? If so, I can't find the shipping rates... also the shipping calculator doesn't seem to have international locations...

Well, I've already started bidding on ebay. Let's see... (I hope not to be outbid during the night)

Thanks again for the advise.
firepolAuthor Commented:
By the way, what is the difference between an ATI X800 XT and an ATI X800 XT Platinum Edition?

I couldn't find the "platinum edition" additional details anywhere, so I assume "XT" and "XT platinum edition" mean the same thing. Right?

I'm actually bidding on a ATI X800 XT Platinum Edition, that's why I'm asking ;)
There's a section on "international shipping" here: - no rates visible, though.

The Platinum Edition is ATI's highest reference specification:

firepolAuthor Commented:
Thank you guys, this discussion helped me to get more knowledge about the actual graphic cards available.

Looking forward to get my new card ;-)

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