Web interface in Citrix 4 VERY SLOW, but working

I am running Access Gateway 4.2 standard, redirecting to Web Interface in Presentation Server 4.0.  I am NOT using the Access Gateway web page, I have it redirected wholly to the Presentation Server 4.0 Web interface (we are not doing auth. from the Access Gateway, but from the Pres. Server).  
Everything works, however, the initial page redirection is taking a horrible amount of time.  When I enter in HTTPS:w.x.y.z, it takes up to 45 seconds to redirect to the /citrix/metaframe/logon page.  The wait is only a few seconds when connecting through a lan speed connection via the same network path.

Does anyone know why the web interface might be taking so long to redirect to the logon page?

Remember, this is *BEFORE* anyone is prompted for logon.  They are redirected to the logon screen, and THIS is where the delay is coming from.

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mgcITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this is caused by the .NET applications compiling on the server behind the scenes.  You can limit this by having the server only do it the first time after a reboot.  Then for everyone else it will be very quick until the next time you reboot the server.

See here for instructions on how to change that.  Follow the post by Jay Tomlin (the 2nd post on the page): http://support.citrix.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=411725&fromSearchPage=true
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